2015 International Building Code® IBC Quick-Card

Builder's Book - Featured sections: foundations & footings concrete floor framing Wall Framing Roof Framing Interior Dimensions Means of Egress Safety Glazing Handrails, Stairways & Guards Fire & Smoke Protection Masonry . In this unique quick-reference guide, 6-page water resistant card, a single, you get most of the new International Building Code essentials that you need to know, based on the current 2015 IBC.

The scope of the international building Code® IBC® includes all buildings except detached one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses up to three stories. New! 2015 international building code ibc quick-card a unique Quick-Reference Guide Based on the 2015 International Building Code by Builder's Book, Inc.

2015 International Residential Code® IRC Quick-Card

Builder's Book - The code compiles all building, plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas and electrical requirements for non-commercial one- and two-family dwellings in one convenient code. Featured sections: footings concrete floor framing Wall Framing Masonry Walls Roof Framing Interior Dimensions Means of Egress Smoke Alarms HVAC Plumbing Electrical.

The regulations cover dwellings and townhouses up to three stories. New! 2015 international residential Code® IRC Quick-Card by Builder's Book, Inc. A unique quick-reference guide based on the 2015 international residential Code In this unique quick-reference guide, you get most of the new International Residential Code essentials that you need to know, a single, 6-page water resistant card, based on the current 2015 IRC.

Residential Wood Framing Construction Quick-Card based on 2015 IRC

Builders Book, Inc. - Residential wood framing construction quick-card based on the 2015 International Residential Code IRCthis 6-page card covers the construction essentials for wood framing based on the new 2015 International Residential Code IRC. Features:wood & roof framingfootingsreinforced concrete footingscontinuous footing in seismic design categories d0, framing of openings & d2wood foundationsminimum width & notchingnotches in sawn lumberholes in sawn lumberfastening, d1, d0, d1, & d2 & foundation anchoragewood sill platesfoundation anchoragefoundation anchorage in seismic design categories c, floor & thickness for concrete footings for light-frame construction inchessill plateS & Townhouses In SDC CWOOD FLOOR FRAMINGFloors - Design & NOTCHINGCutting, & SubflooringLateral Restraint at SupportsBridgingFloor Joist Spans for Common Lumber SpeciesWOOD FLOOR FRAMING - CUTTING, DRILLING & Attic JoistsOther Floor JoistsFraming at Braced Wall LinesBlocking & D2Wall Anchorage for All Buildings in SDC D0, D1, Drilling & CONCRETE FOUNDATIONSWall, & ConstructionBearingJoists Under Bearing PartitionsFloor SystemsJoist FramingWOOD FLOOR FRAMING - JOISTSSleeping Areas & FLOOR SHEATHINGFasteningFraming of OpeningsEnd JointsSubfloor and Combined Subfloor UnderlaymentMin.

Thickness of lumber floor sheathingallowable spans for sanded plywood combination subfloor underlaymentfastening schedulewall framingstud size, drilling, notching & bridgingcantilevered portions of RaftersRafter/Ceiling Joist Heel Joint ConnectionsPublisher: Builders Book, Height & Spacing of Wood StudsNotching of Wall StudsDrilling of Wall Studsdrilling & Rafter ConnectionCeiling Joists LappedBearingCutting, Height & Notching of Top PlateROOF FRAMINGRoof Framing Detailsframing of OpeningsPurlinsCeiling Joist & SpacingTop PlateBearing StudsBottom Sole PlateSingle Member HeadersRim Board Headersheaders for Nonbearing WallsSupports for Headersmaximum Spans for Wood Structural Panel Box HeadersSize, Inc.

Residential Wood Framing Construction Quick-Card based on 2015 IRC - 2016isbn: 1622701321 / 9781622701322.

2015 International Building Code Turbo Tabs

ICC (distributed by Cengage Learning) - These handy tabs will highlight the most frequently referenced sections of the latest version of the IBC. They have been strategically designed by industry experts so that users can quickly and efficiently access the information they need, when they need it. Customize your 2015 international building code soft cover book with updated, easy-to-use TURBO TABS.

ADA Accessibility Details Quick-Card: Updated based on 2010 ADA

Builder's Book, Inc. - Clear, full-color illustrations with required dimensions. Features: parking spaces parking signs passenger loading zones directional & informational signs Doors Telephones Stairways Ramps Handrails Curb Ramps Detectable Warnings Walking Surfaces Protruding Objects Water Closets & Toilet Compartments Wheelchair Accessible Compartment Multiple Accommodation Toilets Urinals Lavatories Restroom Sign Location Grab Bars Accessories Drinking Fountains Showers.

Ada accessibility details quick-card: Updated based on 2010 ADA By Builder's Book, Inc. This 6-page water resistant guide presents the required elements for compliant interior and exterior facilities: parking, stairs & ramps, hazards, toilet facilities and signage throughout.

2015 International Building Code

ICC (distributed by Cengage Learning) - The updates to this code make it an essential reference guide for anyone seeking a strong working knowledge of building systems. New code sections have been added to the 2015 ibc that cover rooftop mounted photovoltaic solar panels and all the content in the book is developed in the context of the broad-based principles that facilitate the use of new materials and building designs.

It provides valuable structural, roofs, interior finish requirements, seismic engineering, fire-, and life- safety provisions that cover means of egress, innovative construction technology, and occupancy classifications for all types of buildings except those which are detached one and two family homes and townhouses not more than 3 stories high.

2015 International Building Code - Featuring the very latest industry standards in material design, the 2015 INTERNATIONAL BUILDING CODE SOFT COVER version offers up-to-date, comprehensive insight into the regulations surrounding the design and installation of building systems.

2015 International Residential Code Turbo Tabs for Paper Bound Edition

ICC (distributed by Cengage Learning) - Get an organized, personalized guide through the 2015 international resIDENTIAL CODE SOFT COVER with updated, easy-access TURBO TABS. Designed to highlight the most frequently referenced sections of the 2015 IRC, these practical tabs will help you quickly and efficiently identify the information they need.

. A team of industry experts designed the handy tool, incorporating features and content that will prove valuable to users in or entering the field.

2015 International Residential Code for One- and Two-Family Dwellings

ICC (distributed by Cengage Learning) - This comprehensive code for homebuilding combines building, fuel gas, plumbing, energy, mechanical, and electrical provisions into a single resource. Using foundational principles that facilitate the use of new materials and building designs to guide the content, this reference guide also establishes minimum regulations using prescriptive provisions.

This updated code includes information on common walls separating townhouses, remodeling of an existing basement, ramps that do not serve the required egress door, and carbon monoxide alarms. The 2015 international residential code for one- and two- family dwellings soft cover uses these provisions to provide detailed insight into the construction of one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses up to three stories high.

Residential Construction: Doors & Windows Quick-Card based on 2015 IRC

Builders Book Inc - Publisher: Builder's Book, Inc. New!residential construction: doors & Windows Quick-Card Based on 2015 IRCby Builder's Book, Inc. This expanded, 6-page guide presents the essentials of installing residential doors and windows. Featuring many full-color illustrations, step-by-step instructions and useful tips, this is a great reference for the general contractor, the property owner and anyone else who needs a quick overview of the basics of installing and replacing doors and windows.

Features:emergency escape & cladding loads for buildings, testing & exposure adjustment coefficient & rescue openings -window wells - ladders & glazing - window glazing area, exterior walls -fire resistance, drainagemeans of egress - egress doors, anchoring methods & anchorage detailsframing doors & landing at exterior doors, masonry, wind-borne debris protection, window sill height, single member headers, bottom sole plate, low E-Coating, Mullion - Load Transfer & Rescue Doors, Fastening Schedule, Door Opening Size, & Windows - Design & Windows Framing, Adjoining Rooms, Human Impact Loads, Visible Transmittance VT, Supports for Headers, Habitable Rooms, /b> Minimum Opening Area, Top Plate, Emergency Escape & Steps, Bearing Studs, Performance-Load Resistance, Bulkhead Enclosures, Floors & Window Glazing LayersExterior Doors & Height & Requirements, Concrete or other Structural Substrate, Doors & Hazardous LocationsGlazing - NFRC Label - U-Factor, Air Leakage AL, Headers - Nonbearing Walls, Additional Glazing Options, Emergency Escape & Construction, Glazing & Labeling, Wood or other Approved Framing Materials, Exterior WallsWindow Area & Rescue Openings -, Component & Windows - Performance - General, Glazing Identification, Interior Walls, Condensation resistance CR, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient SHGC, Bathrooms, Minimum No.

Residential Construction: Doors & Windows Quick-Card based on 2015 IRC - Of full height studs at wach end of headers in exterior walls, types & sliding doors, parts of doors, bow window, door threshold, hinged/casement window, glass block window & installations - types of doors - hinged doors, height & installing doorswindows - components, jalousie Window, Sliding Window, Size, Garden Window Picture Window, Hopper Window, French Doors, Awning Window, Installing Windows, Types of Windows - Fixed/Non Operable, & Storm Windows Types of Windows: Single Hung Window, Bi-fold Doors, Transom Window, Stacker Doors & Other Types of Windows; Egress Windows & Spacing of Wood StudsDoors - Components, Dutch Doors Stable Doors, Bay Window, Arched Window, Types & Installations - Window Component-Single Hung Window, Double Hung Window, Installing a Pre-Hung Door & Skylight WindowPublished/Edition: 2016.

08/01/16isbn/book No. 9781889892641.

Concrete Manual Based on the 2015 IBC and ACI 318-14

ICC - Your purchase of the concrete Manual includes exclusive online access to the Concrete Manual Workbook to help you master concrete inspection and field practices. The workbook contains learning objectives, key points for studying, lesson notes, and quizzes for each chapter. The answer key includes references to the applicable sections in the Concrete Manual.

. The concrete manual, now updated to the 2015 ibc and aCI 318-14, provides the guidance and information that inspectors and other construction professionals need to become more proficient in concrete field practices and inspection. The concrete manual will: introduce concrete and explain what it is and why it behaves as it does explain conventional concrete construction procedures Cover special concrete technologies such as Autoclaved, self-consolidating and pervious Discuss control and inspection procedures Explore statistical quality control methods and their application to concrete construction Detail proper field testing procedures Detail proper placement of reinforcement A Resource Reference section includes a list of the concrete industry and technical organizations to contact for additional information.

International Plumbing Code Quick-Card Based on the 2015 IPC

Builders Book Inc. - 2015 international plumbing Code Quick-Card by Builder s Book, Inc. This 6-page, fold-out guide provides the basic numbers, water resistant, flow rates and formulas the plumber needs based from 2015 International Plumbing Code IPC. Features:general regulations - installation of plumbing & drinking fountainsinstallation of fixtures - Showers & SeparatorsPublisher/Edition: Builder's Book, Urinals & Wall Drainage ConnectionsInstallation of Fixtures - Water Closets, Interceptors & Nonplumbing SystemsFloor & BathtubsWater HeatersWater Supply and DistributionSanitary DrainageIndirect WastesVentsTraps, Inc/2015.