Craft of Cooking: Notes and Recipes from a Restaurant Kitchen: A Cookbook

Clarkson Potter #ad - Tom colicchio, chef/co-owner of new york’s acclaimed Gramercy Tavern, offers inspriation to cooks of any skill level with 140 simple recipes and technical tips. Craft of cooking leads you through colicchio’s thought process in choosing raw materials—like what to look for in fresh fish, or how to choose the perfect mushroom—to show that good food is available to anyone with access to a good supermarket, farm stand, or gourmet grocery.

Realizing that his own culinary style had grown increasingly unembellished, and gambling that New York diners were experiencing that same kind of culinary fatigue brought on by too much “fancy food”, Colicchio set out to prove that the finest food didn’t have to be the most complicated. So in march 2001 he opened a new restaurant, craft, that offered diners simple, soulful dishes centered around single ingredients that went on to shake up many people’s ideas of what “restaurant food” should be like.

Craft of Cooking: Notes and Recipes from a Restaurant Kitchen: A Cookbook #ad - These segments allow you to peer into the fast-paced prep kitchen, to witness the high drama of reservations, and to get a taste of the humor and empathy necessary to serve New York’s colorful visitors and foodies. Using tom’s straightforward and friendly voice, Craft of Cooking offers recipes suited to any purpose—from a quick family meal to a festive dinner party for twelve.

The book also features “day-in-the-life-of-Craft” portraits, which offer a fascinating, behind-the-scenes glimpse at areas of the restaurant beyond the dining room.


Meat: A Kitchen Education A Cookbook

Ten Speed Press #ad - Instruction begins with an informative summary of meat cooking methods: sautéing, stir-frying, frying, braising, poaching, broiling, smoking, roasting, grilling, and barbecuing. Whether you’re planning a quick turkey cutlet dinner, sunday pot roast supper, casual hamburger cookout, or holiday prime rib feast, you’ll find it in meat along with: Roast Chicken with Ricotta and Sage; Coq au Vin; Duck Confit and Warm Lentil Salad; Long-Braised Rabbit Stew; Baby Back Ribs with Hoisin and Brown Sugar; Sauerbraten; Hanger Steak with Mushrooms and Red Wine; Oxtail Stew with Grapes; Osso Buco with Fennel and Leeks; Veal Kidneys with Juniper Sauce; Lamb Tagine with Raisins, Almonds, and Saffron; Terrine of Foie Gras; and more.

No matter the level of your culinary skills or your degree of kitchen confidence, the recipes and guidance in Meat will help you create scores of satisfying meals to delight your family and friends. Peterson completes the book with a selection of homemade sausages, pâtés, terrines, and broths that are the base of so many dishes.

His trademark step-by-step photographs provide incomparable visual guidance for working with the complex structure and musculature of meats and illustrate all the basic prep techniques—from trussing a whole chicken to breaking down a whole lamb. Meat: a kitchen education is award-winning author james peterson’s guide for carnivores, with more than 175 recipes and 550 photographs that offer a full range of meat and poultry cuts and preparation techniques, presented with Peterson’s unassuming yet authoritative style.

Meat: A Kitchen Education A Cookbook #ad - Then, pheasant, quail, duck, veal, goose, squab, turkey, pork, guinea hen, lamb, hare, chapter by chapter, venison, rabbit, Peterson demonstrates classic preparations for every type of meat available from the butcher: chicken, beef, and goat. This comprehensive volume will inspire you to fire up the stove, oven, or grill and master the art of cooking meat.

Winner – 2011 james beard cookbook Award – Single Subject Category.


Giada at Home: Family Recipes from Italy and California: A Cookbook

Clarkson Potter #ad - She shares classic italian recipes passed down through the years, like cheese-stuffed dates wrapped in salty prosciutto, creamy risotto with the earthy and deep flavors of mushrooms and gorgonzola, and lamb chops basted with honey and balsamic vinegar. She attended the cordon bleu in paris and worked at Wolfgang Puck’s Spago restaurant in Los Angeles before starting her own catering company, GDL Foods.

Giada at home presents recipes from both traditions, all with Giada’s signature style. While her grandmother, and mother brought her up on generations-old recipes, aunt, Giada also became enamored with the bright and clean flavors of California’s abundant seasonal fruits and vegetables. Born in rome, where she now lives with her husband, Todd, and their daughter, she grew up in Los Angeles, Jade.

Giada at Home: Family Recipes from Italy and California: A Cookbook #ad - For the first time, she incorporates her go-to brunch recipes—what she cooks when setting up a feast on her back patio for everyone on weekend mornings—from Jade-approved Panini, and a sprinkling of brown sugar, luscious raspberries, with gooey mozzarella, to Todd’s favorite pancetta-studded waffles scented with cinnamon.

In giada at home, she shares a personal look into how she cooks for those dearest to her, with simple recipes inspired by her television show of the same name. Born in italy, giada was raised in Los Angeles by a gregarious Italian family. Her dedication to ease, healthfulness, and—above all else—flavor have won her a permanent place in the hearts of home cooks.

New family favorites include grilled asparagus and melon, game hens roasted with citrus and herbs, all bursting with fresh, and a sorbet made with pomegranate and mint, vibrant flavors.


Italian Food Penguin Classics

Penguin Classics #ad - Elizabeth david's italian Food was one of the first books to demonstrate the enormous range of Italy's regional cooking. Her passion for real food, fresh, hearty, luscious, and totally authentic, will inspire anyone who wishes to recreate the abundant and highly unique regional dishes of Italy. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world.

With more than 1, 700 titles, penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators.

Italian Food Penguin Classics #ad - David imparts her knowledge from her many years in Italy, exploring, researching, tasting and testing dishes. For the foods of italy, lombardy, explained David, to the complex traditions of Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily, expanded far beyond minestrone and ravioli, and many other regions.


Kitchen Simple: Essential Recipes for Everyday Cooking A Cookbook

Ten Speed Press #ad - And, comes a paired-down primer on making foolproof Mayonnaise, Caper and Herb Sauce for vegetables and chicken, from the master of sauces, and an easy Béarnaise to dress up grilled fish. For leisurely meals and celebratory occasions, like Red Wine Pot Roast, Eggplant Parmigiano, there are also dozens of luxe dishes, Duck Confit, and Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce.

Additional advice on how to stock a pantry with staples to make everyday cooking even easier, time-pressed or laid-back, plus an inventory of truly indispensable kitchen tools make Kitchen Simple a go-to source of inspiration for cooks of all persuasions: novice or experienced, casual or serious. Elevating routine, weekday fare into exciting culinary creations, Peterson proves unequivocally that great food need not be complicated or time-consuming to prepare.

Kitchen simple presents creative possibilities for weeknight meals, impromptu dinner parties, quick-and-easy breakfasts, and inspired last-minute desserts. More than 200 recipes, such as summer steak salad, mexican-style gazpacho, and Ricotta Ravioli, White Bean Bruschetta, Red Cabbage with Bacon and Apples, are thoughtfully streamlined to require no more than thirty minutes of active prep time with delivery to the table in under an hour.

Kitchen Simple: Essential Recipes for Everyday Cooking A Cookbook #ad - And with peterson’s invaluable variations, cooks can confidently substitute harder-to-find ingredients with items already at hand. Hundreds of recipes designed to get exceptional meals on the table in under an hour With Kitchen Simple, James Peterson, one of America’s most celebrated cookbook authors and renowned cooking instructors, delivers a definitive resource for the busy home cook.


Vegetables, Revised: The Most Authoritative Guide to Buying, Preparing, and Cooking, with More than 300 Recipes A Cookbook

Ten Speed Press #ad - If tender little broccolini show up in your neighborhood grocer’s, Anchovies, be sure to try the savory-sweetBroccolini with Pancetta, and Raisins. And when your fifth backyard bumper crop of summer tomatoes has your family longing for take-out after weeks of tomato soup, and tomato sauces, tomato salads, bring them back to the table with Twice-Baked Garlic and Tomato Soufflés.

The text is further enhanced with handsome full-color photography and useful extras, like time-saving workarounds, tips on seasonal purchasing, storage recommendations, and suggestions for kitchen tools you’ll really use. Woven in with the fundamentals is Peterson’s collection of some 300 recipes that showcase the versatility of vegetables in both familiar and unexpected ways.

Vegetables, Revised: The Most Authoritative Guide to Buying, Preparing, and Cooking, with More than 300 Recipes A Cookbook #ad - There are some surprises, as well. You’ll begin by stemming, crushing, chopping, then explore less familiar but no-less-useful skills such as turning turnips, dicing, charring chile peppers, slicing, peeling, and pureeing, seeding, mincing, and frenching French green beans. Once the prepping is complete, sautéing, steaming, roasting, and stir-frying techniques, from the most straightforward boiling, braising, Peterson explains the intricacies of the many methods for cooking each vegetable, glazing, to the more elaborate and flavor intense grilling, and deep-frying.

He offers dozens of refreshing salads; plenty of soups and rich, flavorful stews; crowd-pleasing casseroles and pastas; soul-comforting gratins and risottos; and perfect, hand-crafted gnocchi. A master class on vegetables with award-winning cookbook author and renowned cooking instructor james peterson  have you ever purchased bundles of ingredients at the farmers’ market only to arrive home and wonder what on earth to do with your bag of fiddlehead ferns, acclaimed author and teacher James Peterson’s comprehensive guide to identifying, or cactus pads? Treat yourself to an in-depth education withVegetables, selecting, zucchini flowers, bamboo shoots, and preparing ninety-five vegetables—from amaranth to zucchini—along with information on dozens of additional varieties and cultivars.

Peterson’s classical french training and decades of teaching experience inform his impeccable presentation of every vegetable preparation technique and cooking method.


Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America: A Cookbook

Clarkson Potter #ad - Named bon appétit's chef of the year, josé is a star in American cooking, as well as the nation's leading expert on Spanish cuisine. A classic spanish cookbook from josé andrés, new york Times bestselling author, James Beard Award winner, a humanitarian, and one of TIME's 100 Most Influential People.

Tapas are spain's gift to the world of great cooking: a fresh and fun way to eat with friends and family—and easy to make at home. His simple and delicious recipes include: • fish such as american red snapper baked in salt; monkfish with romesco sauce; and basque-style stuffed maryland blue crabs• chicken including catalan-style chicken Stew; Chicken Sautéed with Garlic; and Chicken with Lobster• Pork such as Chorizo Stewed in Hard Cider; Figs with Spanish Ham; and Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Apples • Rice dishes including Lobster Paella; Black Rice with Squid and Shrimp; and Traditional Rice with Clams All these recipes are full of tremendous flavor and creativity, hip cafés, as well as in-depth ingredient notes and a rich atmosphere that will transport you to the lush countryside, and sun-drenched coasts of Spain—and back again to dinner at home.

Tapas: A Taste of Spain in America: A Cookbook #ad - Using simple mediterranean ingredients, a tapas feast is a perfect combination of little dishes packed with big flavors. Having worked as a chef in the united states for two decades, he's also a thoroughly American cook who draws on American ingredients for his inspiration, and is a master at translating his native Spanish cooking for this country's kitchens.

Tapas by josé andrés is the first major book in a generation to celebrate this world-renowned way of eating, from a man who is the best possible authority: an award-winning Spanish chef in America, with seven highly acclaimed restaurants to his name.


The Preservation Kitchen: The Craft of Making and Cooking with Pickles, Preserves, and Aigre-doux A Cookbook

Ten Speed Press #ad - His unique approach re-imagines seasonal eating by harmonizing opposite or unusual partnerships: the brightness of summer fruit may be tempered with the earthiness of meats and winter produce, or the delicacy of spring vegetables might be enriched by the robust herbs and spices more typical of fall. The preservation kitchen not only demonstrates and instructs, it encourages and explores the limitless possibilities of capturing the seasons in a jar.

Brandied cherries used in cherry Clafoutis, or as a garnish for the Beer-Jam Manhattan, are a sweet reminder of the summer harvest. The first canning manual and cookbook authored by michelin-starred chef and Vie restaurant owner Paul Virant, and seasonal menus inspired by the award-winning fare at his restaurant, in Western Springs, Paul Virant presents expert preserving techniques, Vie, featuring more than 100 recipesPairing science with art, sophisticated recipes, Illinois.

The Preservation Kitchen: The Craft of Making and Cooking with Pickles, Preserves, and Aigre-doux A Cookbook #ad - Alongside recipes and menus, virant draws on his extensive technical knowledge and experience to provide detailed and comprehensive guidelines for safe canning practices, pressure canning, testing pH, water bath processing, and storing. And the chicken fried steak with Smoked Spring Onion Relish anticipates warmer days when you’re still deep in winter.

Imaginative tangy jams, zesty relishes, cured meats, brandied fruits, and sweet and savory conserves are the focus of the first half of this book, while seasonal menus pairing these preserves with everything from salads and cocktails to poached fish and braised meat compose the second. But no matter how precise the science, Virant never forgets the art in each handcrafted preserve and thoughtfully developed recipe.


Style and Spice: Over 200 Recipes from the American Southwest

Skyhorse #ad - Chef larry edwards presents an impressive assortment of recipes from salsas and barbecue sauces to enchiladas and ribs. Recipes include: mango jicama salsa sweet pepper salsa spicy mole sauce chipotle mayo baja flank ribs with tequila and honey glaze Chicken with Cherry Salsa Santa Fe Chicken Wings Desert Chili Shrimp Whiskey Grilled Portobello Salad Baja Bread Pudding Southwest Candied Bacon Cactus Pear Sorbet Sangria Cobalt Margaritas With all these and more, we hope your guests bring a big appetite to your next dinner party, cookout, or picnic.

With over two hundred recipes, southwest kitchen, Southwest Cantina, divided into four sections—the Southwest Pantry, and Southwest Oven—there’s a dish for every occasion. Style and spice has plenty to offer and is sure to bring a whole lot of flavor to your cooking! No doubt, author and chef edwards knows his southwestern foodstuffs" —Booklist Everything you love about Southwest cuisine, all in one cookbook! The American Southwest is synonymous with robust flavor and bright colors.

Style and Spice: Over 200 Recipes from the American Southwest #ad - Make your own condiments, sides, salads, recreate famous cocktails, and prepare regional entrees, and desserts. Now you can bring the fiesta to your own casa! For the very first time in one single-volume cookbook, all aspects of southwest cooking have been gathered.


In a French Kitchen: Tales and Traditions of Everyday Home Cooking in France

Avery #ad - But they also have an innate understanding of food and cooking, are instinctively knowledgeable about seasonal produce, and understand what combination of simple ingredients will bring out the best of their gardens or local markets. Thankfully for american readers, secrets, In a French Kitchen shares the everyday French tips, and eighty-five recipes that allow them to turn every meal into a sumptuous occasion.

With in a french kitchen, loomis—an expat who long ago traded her American grocery store for a bustling French farmer’s market—demystifies in lively prose the seemingly effortless je ne sais quoi behind a simple French meal. One by one, who has zero passion for cooking—but a love of food that inspires her to whip up an array of mouthwatering dishes—to Nathalie, who becomes misty-eyed as she talks about her mother’s Breton cooking, from runway-chic Edith, readers are invited to meet the busy people of Louviers and surrounding villages and towns of Loomis’s adopted home, then goes on to reproduce it.

In a French Kitchen: Tales and Traditions of Everyday Home Cooking in France #ad - . Through friends and neighbors like these, Loomis learns that delicious, even decadent meals don’t have to be complicated. Are french cooks better organized when planning and shopping? Do they have a greater ability to improvise with whatever they have on hand when unexpected guests arrive? The answer to both is: Yes.

A delightful celebration of french life and the cooks who turn even the simplest meals into an occasion  Even before Susan Herrmann Loomis wrote her now-classic memoir, On Rue Tatin, American readers have been compelled by books about the French’s ease with cooking.


Think Like a Chef: A Cookbook

Clarkson Potter #ad - So those easy roasted tomatoes may be turned into anything from a vinaigrette to a caramelized tomato tart, with many delicious options in between. In a section called trilogies, Tom takes three ingredients and puts them together to make one dish that's quick and other dishes that are increasingly more involved.

Rather than list a series of restaurant recipes, he uses simple steps to deconstruct a chef's creative process, making it easily available to any home cook. He starts with techniques: what's roasting, sautéing, for example, and how do you do it in the oven or on top of the stove? He also gets you comfortable with braising, and making stocks and sauces.

Think Like a Chef: A Cookbook #ad - As tom says, morels, "juxtaposed in interesting ways, these ingredients prove that the whole can be greater than the sum of their parts, " and you'll agree once you've tasted the Ragout of Asparagus, and Ramps or the Baked Free-Form "Ravioli" -- both dishes made with the same trilogy of ingredients. The final section of the books offers simple recipes for components -- from zucchini with lemon thyme to roasted endive with whole spices to boulangerie potatoes -- that can be used in endless combinations.

Written in tom's warm and friendly voice and illustrated with glorious photographs of finished dishes, Think Like a Chef will bring out the master chef in all of us. With think like a chef, Tom Colicchio has created a new kind of cookbook. Next he introduces simple "ingredients" -- roasted tomatoes, say, or braised artichokes -- and tells you how to use them in a variety of ways.