Evergreen: A Novel Werner Family Saga Book 1

Dell - Sweeping from jazz age new york to nazi germany to a sun-baked israeli kibbutz, her children, Evergreen has become a modern American classic—an epic novel that spans three generations of an unforgettable family—and exposes the heart of an extraordinary woman: her marriage, her deceit. A magnificent story.

. And through an act of illicit passion that will haunt her though all her days, Anna lifts Joseph from poverty to a wealth on which the Friedman dynasty would be based for generations. Vivid and memorable. Daily news new yorkyearning for a better life, Anna Friedman fled Poland for New York at the turn of the century.

Evergreen: A Novel Werner Family Saga Book 1 - A grand, sweeping panorama. Finding work as a maid for the werner family, a man beyond her reach, Anna discovers an elegance beyond her dreams—and the passion of Paul Werner, even when she is in his arms. This beautifully written  book will be treasured and reread for many years to come. Library Journal.

Richly written, finely detailed.

Harvest: A Novel Werner Family Saga Book 4

Dell - From new york’s luxurious suburbs to war-torn Israel, from Italian palazzi to California communes, Belva Plain’s sweeping epic begun in Evergreen reaches its triumphant conclusion. Don’t miss belva plain’s other magnificent novels that feature the indomitable Werner family: Evergreen, The Golden Cup, and Tapestry.

. Iris’s “ideal” marriage was built on silence and lies. With the rich threads of evergreen, and Tapestry, The Golden Cup,  skillful storyteller Belva Plain continues to weave her eventful saga of the Werners. Publishers weekly   only one man knew the secret Anna Friedman vowed to carry to her grave.

Harvest: A Novel Werner Family Saga Book 4 - Their rebellious son found his calling in anti–Vietnam War violence, fueled by rage. Anna’s was the only voice that spoke to them all as she struggled to undo the damage of the past. Then powerful banker paul Werner returned, opening old wounds, driven to help Anna and the family he barely knew. Yet as she watched her daughter Iris marry and have her own family, Anna saw the slow corrosion of a lifetime of secrets seep into a new generation.

Only he could undo her perfect life, and he had kept his silence—and his distance—for years.

The Golden Cup: A Novel Werner Family Saga Book 2

Dell - . Breaking society's rules might have devastating consequences for this passionate woman—and for her nephew Paul Werner, who weds his debutante fiancée while still yearning for his mother's beautiful maid, Anna Friedman. New york times bestseller • the triumphant saga that began in evergreen continuesA woman of hidden desires, Hennie De Rivera has none of the wealth enjoyed by her relatives, the Werner banking dynasty.

And amid heartbreaking discoveries and the gathering clouds of World War I, the stirring family saga begun in Evergreen continues with an unforgettable tale of forbidden passions, intimate secrets, and sweeping social change. But tall, especially of daring activist Dan Roth, shy Hennie has grand dreams, who invites controversy by fighting for New York's poorest immigrants.

Heartwood: A Novel Werner Family Saga Book 5

Bantam - For one of iris’s daughters, it’s the choice of a fresh start in New York City—and a last chance to save her troubled marriage. But as the mother of three adult children, each with their own lives and burdens to bear, she often finds those sensibilities called into question when confronted with the choices her children have made.

Few authors have understood the tender intricacies of relationships better than the incomparable Belva Plain. Now, bringing us this unforgettable story of family and friendship, she comes full circle with the themes she took up in her very first work, in her final novel, Evergreen, love and marriage, the challenges of life and the true secret of happiness.

Though iris stern considers herself a modern woman, with a successful academic career and a happy marriage, she still holds steadfast to her old-fashioned sensibilities. For three decades her deeply moving epics have captivated the hearts and imaginations of readers everywhere. Through separations and reunions, the changes we cannot avoid and the love that sustains, Iris will weather whatever lies ahead with a faith that cannot be shaken.

Heartwood: A Novel Werner Family Saga Book 5 - But it’s an emotional parting of another kind that looms most prominently on Iris’s horizon—as neither her beloved husband, nor the solidity of her own marriage, is immune to the ravages of time. While laura and robbie cope with an impending separation and its effect on Iris’s young granddaughter, Iris herself must come to grips with the discovery of a long-held family secret.

Like the inmost rings of a tree that abide through the generations, she will be as strong as heartwood.

Tapestry: A Novel Werner Family Saga Book 3

Dell - Belva plain’s tapestry takes up the threads of lives encountered in her beloved epic, its secrets, Evergreen, to create an entirely new drama of a family’s loyalties and divisions, and its destiny. Now, as paul wrestles with the dark demons of forbidden passion, his family and business are plunged into a maelstrom of tragedy and social changes.

Belva plain is a talented tale-spinner with an almost Dickensian ability to keep her stories going. Philadelphia inquirerPaul Werner watched the proud, daring immigrant Anna marry another man. But his desire for her haunts him. Even after he weds the elegant Mimi, a woman of his own class. But for paul werner a more personal struggle awaits—a choice of a lifetime and a new beginning, or the most painful of final good-byes.

Tapestry: A Novel Werner Family Saga Book 3 - . Ahead lie the dark days of the Depression, the rise of pure evil in Europe, and a war that will change the world forever.

Legacy of Silence: A Novel

Dell - But with it comes a gift—a new sister, who offers hope, young enough to be her own daughter, then a truth that will finally break the hold of the past. In legacy of silence, new york times bestselling author Belva Plain creates an unforgettable story of a remarkable family—and a deception that reaches across continents, oceans, and generations.

Caroline hartzinger flees wartime Europe with a shattered life and a devastating secret. Pregnant and unwed, she arrives in America in 1939. With joel, determined to bury the past—until her daughter Eve brings Caroline’s carefully crafted world crashing down again, Caroline builds a new life, driven by a rage to learn the truth.

Legacy of Silence: A Novel - Joel hirsch offers marriage and respectability, hoping one day to earn her love, if not the passion she feels for a man whose memory still haunts them both. Now it is eve’s secret, a legacy that taints her life and puts generations at risk.

Her Father's House: A Novel

Dell - And her new novel is no exception. When a terrible lie has been told out of love, can it be forgiven?With courage and compassion, the secrets that haunt us, Belva Plain paints a moving portrait of the choices that shape the course of our lives, and the love that helps us heal and move on. Shall he consider a step that would force him into flight and a life of hiding?From her earliest years, a brilliant student and a joyous, Tina is exceptional, loving spirit.

Beloved storyteller Belva Plain understands the rich tapestry of the human heart like no other. For her he would give up everything--his home, his distinguished career, and his freedom. Her many dazzling new york Times bestsellers probe the shifting bonds of marriage and family with insight, compassion, and uncommon grace.

Her Father's House: A Novel - Filled with ambition and idealism, restless Lillian, he is dazzled not only by the big city but by the vivacious, whom he marries in the heat of infatuation. Surely theirs is no marriage made in heaven, but they have a child, Tina, and she is the love of Donald’s heart. Together they go to new york, where she learns the truth about her family’s past, a truth that must change her regard for the father who has protected and cherished her.

When his flawed marriage begins to fail, a choice must be made. It is a work of riveting storytelling and rare emotional power by one of the most gifted novelists of our time. A tale of fathers and daughters, lovers and families, acts of love and acts of betrayal, Her Father’s House is Belva Plain’s most powerful and unforgettable novel yet.

Random Winds: A Novel

Dell - . Moving from a teeming new york hospital to the elite operating theaters of London, Martin Farrell is about to learn the price of success—a secret bargain with the Meigs that could resonate into the next generation. A tragedy on a cold Adirondack day robbed country doctor Enoch Farrell of his three oldest children.

Intelligent, gifted Martin could have a brilliant future. Praise for Random Winds“Wonderful. And test the strength of a man and a woman's passion across the coming years. A real page-turner. The philadelphia Inquirer“Impossible to put down. South bend Tribune“Engrossing. Publishers Weekly“Richly woven. A twisting and complex story that touches the lives of everyone.

Random Winds: A Novel - Upi. Then all his hopes rested with his son, Martin, who dreamed of becoming a doctor too. All that stood in his way was his family's poverty—until he met wealthy, Jessie, beautiful Mary Fern Meig and her sister, and everything changed forever.

Whispers: A Novel

Dell - But in the  ferguson's closed doors hide a painful secret Lynn must  keep from the world-and her children-at any  cost. Social worker  josie sees her bruises distrusts the  too-ambitious, too perfect Robert, and suspects the real cause  of the children's increasingly disturbed behavior. But not even josie can pierce lynn's wall of  silence, a wall that will not crumble until Lynn is  forced to face herself-and the truth-at last.

Robert and lynn ferguson are a picture-perfect couple  with two beautiful daughters and a lovely home in  an exclusive Connecticut community. Belva  plain's searing novel of a family's heartbreak, a  woman's courage, and a subject too often talked  about only in whispers. Robert is on  the fast track of a major corporation.

Whispers: A Novel - Not even the fergusons's best friends, Josie and  Bruce Lehman, know of Lynn's shame. Lynn is  devoted to her family and good works.

Treasures: A Novel

Dell - Torn by  conflicting loyalties, they are a family caught in  the tides of scandal. The osbornes -- two sisters  and a brother -- united by family ties but split  apart by different dreams. And eddy, as wall  street's "wonder boy, " can make  millions. Lara, staying behind in a small Ohio town,   finds everything she cherishes threatened by fate  and by her own blind commitment.

A story of  choices. Connie is looking for wealth -- to make or to  marry. Lara's held together by  devotion, Connie's shattered by infidelity and  betrayal, and Eddy's rocked by shame and prison. And swept toward a fate  where dreams may end or be born again. A story of family. Lara, the happy young  wife, longs for the family that will make her life  whole.

Treasures: A Novel - A  story of marriages.

Looking Back: A Novel

Dell - Three women. And in the months that follow, each of them will look at their families, their lives--and one another--differently. Two are married. Leading their busy adult lives. New york times bestselling author belva plain goes to the heart of what it means to be a woman, a wife, and a friend, in her powerful new novel—a story of love and betrayal that measures the limits of loyalty, friendship, and forgiveness.

They met at school and have been inseparable ever since: Cecile, elegant daughter of privilege; Norma, confident, ambitious Amanda, extraordinarily gifted and sadly troubled; and beautiful, determined to rise above her humble southern beginnings. Yet first and always: friends. Then something unexpected happens that forever alters their long, complicated friendship.

Looking Back: A Novel - One despairs of ever finding love. A pivotal event, a shattering act of betrayal shifts the balance of power between husbands and wives, parents and children, sisters and brothers. And none of them will ever be the same.