Integration Ghost Wars

Semper Fi Press - Human slavers attack. Or tear it apart. The imperial marines arrive in the nick of time, and they hate slavers. But he doesn't have to. With threats to the empire from both within and without, this grand experiment has the potential to save it. Despite trying to fight back, there is nothing the young Leefe can do to save his family and friends.

Three tri-years later, when the new emperor issues a proclamation to integrate the imperial military with non-human citizens, Leefe is among the first to volunteer. Integration to resurrect the empire as a force for good is challenged by centuries of prejudice against the "dung races. Leefe and the other wyntonans only want to prove their worth and fight for the empire, but their greatest battles are closer to home.

Unification Ghost Marines Volume 2

Semper Fi Press - Despite an impressive combat record as a grunt, Corporal Leif Hollow struggles to become an effective NCO and leader of Marines. The corps has been integrated by imperial decree—but that doesn’t mean everyone accepts the wyntonan Marines. But when the odds are stacked against them, and the empire’s very existence is at stake, will that be enough to turn the tides of war?

When then the trumpets of war sound, however, Marines forget about differences and come together to accomplish the mission.

Fire Ant The Navy of Humanity: Wasp Squadron

Semper Fi Press - 2018 nebula award finalist: best novellafloribeth salinas O’Shea Dalisay is an Off-Planet Worker, employed as an exploration pilot by the giant corporation, Hamdani Brothers. She barely escapes with her life, but in the process, has to shut down her scout’s AI. As with all opws, and instead of being lauded as a hero, she has few rights, the corporation thinks she is lying.

Grounded, and with a huge debt now over her head, Beth has to convince the powers that be that a very real danger to humanity is lying in wait out there in deep space. Her managers believe she found something valuable and shut down her AI in an attempt to hide that fact, hoping she can sell that information to the highest bidder.

Fire Ant The Navy of Humanity: Wasp Squadron - Sent on a routine mission to analyze one of the millions of systems in the galaxy, she stumbles across something that could threaten humanity’s very existence.

Crystals The Navy of Humankind: Wasp Squadron

Semper Fi Press - War with the aliens has broken out, and they seem to have all the advantages. But even guinea pigs have teeth, and if she can survive, Beth is determined to use hers. Engineers and scientists are scrambling to develop weapons to stand up to the threat, but when all is said and done, it is the Navy fighter pilots who have to take the fight to the enemy.

Petty officer third class floribeth salinas o’shea Dalisay, one of the new enlisted fighter pilots, is on the front lines with VFX-99, the “Stingers. Sent out as guinea pigs, they collect needed data on the enemy weapons systems by being targets.

Marine Terran Scout Fleet

Independently published - When earth finally came together and fielded its first spaceborne military, Jacob didn’t hesitate to volunteer. Aliens exist… and, as it turns out, most of them aren’t that friendly. Jacob brown wasn’t even born yet the first time they attacked Earth. He has no idea why he’s being singled out in such an unusual manner, but now it's either agree to their demands or give up his dream of being on a starship.

Soon, getting his career back on the right track will be the least of his concerns when it seems like everyone—and everything—he meets is trying to kill him. He was only fourteen the second time it happened. Serving aboard a mighty starship, he’d be able to defend his planet—and his family—when, inevitably, they came again.

Marine Terran Scout Fleet - Just as he’s about to graduate training, lawless world, jacob is approached by an officer from Naval Special Operation Command and given a choice: volunteer for a risky mission to a dangerous, however, or give up his dream of serving in the military and go home. Marine" is the first book in the terran Scout Fleet Series by the bestselling author of the Omega Force Series and Black Fleet Trilogy.

When he stumbles upon a secret most people on Earth are blissfully unaware of he realizes it's not just the aliens he needs to be worried about.

Devotion Ghost Marines

Semper Fi Press - They continue a low-grade insurgency, but in doing so, they open the door to other players that bring the entire empire to the brink of destruction. He never knew how soon he and his fellow Raiders would have to prove themselves on the field of battle. After the failed coup to oust the emperor, the Novacks do not fade quietly into the background.

. Sergeant a’hope hollow must lead a ragtag group of fellow non-humans in an attempt to avert a catastrophe that can wipe out humans forever. Read devotiON now. Marine raider! sergeant leif a’Hope Hollow is the first of his People to earn the coveted title.

Uncompromising Honor Honor Harrington

Baen - Not even its own government knows how enormous its economy truly is. Readers. In them great power competition makes its way into the space age on a galactic scale. Weber is the Tom Clancy of science fiction. Will get enough hardware-geek stuff and space battles to make their palms sweaty. Honor knows the grand alliance must find a victory that doesn't require incursions deep into Solarian space, doesn't leave a legacy of bottomless hatred, and the strategy she supports has been working.

Very few people know war the way Honor Harrington does. They are corrupt, venal, accountable to no one. Honor harrington has worn the Star Kingdom's uniform for half a century and served her monarch and her people well. As the solarian navy finally realizes it cannot face an Alliance battle fleet and win. Both sides grapple to do their duty as they understand it.

Uncompromising Honor Honor Harrington - As its central government teeters towards bankruptcy and even some of its core systems opt to secede in the face of the Mandarins' corruption.

Rage of Winter Terran Strike Marines Volume 2

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - One sniper to strike fear in the heart of alien invaders. Hoffman’s strike marines pursue enemy agents across a wintry world, desperate to stop an insidious threat festering in the heart of the Terran Union. One Shot. Rage of winter is the second book in the Terran Strike Marine series. Read this action-packed military science fiction novel set in the best-selling Ember War universe!

Their hunt is disrupted when the fanatical Kesaht invade and the team is split across the snow and ice of a harsh planet. The team’s sniper, duke, plays a deadly game of hit-and-run to slow the aliens' advance and earns the ire of the enemy commander. Hoffman, leads his marines and their cunning prisoners back to the front, trapped in the frigid wilds, where they must join the fight against the Kesaht before the planet is lost.

Division of Power The United Federation Marine Corps' Grub Wars Volume 3

Semper Fi Press - Humans and klethos have reforged their alliance to push back the Grub invaders. The combined military force seems to be holding their own through new technology and tactics, but the alliance isn’t the only side making adjustments. The grubs develop their own advance, one that will make them almost unstoppable.

Staff sergeant hondo mckeever and Ben, his Klethos Interrecon partner, are tasked with ferreting out the Grubs’ new secret technology. Even if they are able to snatch a sample, will vice-Minister Skylar Ybarra be able to lead her R&D team to not only make sense of it, but also to develop a countermeasure before the Grubs overrun the galaxy?

Ace The Navy of Humankind: Wasp Squadron

Semper Fi Press - Only the iron Shield can stop the invasion. Be ready. Maximize their firepower. Too small to defend everywhere, they need intel so they can go on the attack. They are coming. Join floribeth “fire ant” dalisay and the rest of the crack Wasp pilots in their desperation to find and destroy an overwhelming enemy.

. Wasp pilots are flying because they have to. Small fighters in the vastness of space. Read Ace today. Maximize their impact. The crystals do not know fear. Joint task Force Iron Shield stands ready. Only they stand between the Crystals and humanity. Alien crystals don't recognize human boundaries. The navy of Humankind has to hold them back.

Ace The Navy of Humankind: Wasp Squadron - They are coming for what they want.

The Dotari Salvation Terran Strike Marines Volume 1

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Lurking in the abyss is a threat that’s waited with inhuman patience. The cure lies in deep space, and lieutenant Hoffman and his team will join the starship Breitenfeld as it journeys into the void and makes a desperate attempt to save the dying race. They are trained to improvise, adapt, overcome and win every fight.

A deadly disease threatens the Dotari, Earth’s allies, with extinction. When the terran union has a mission that must not fail, it calls upon the Strike Marines. Hoffman must lead his Marines through a gauntlet and evade a foe designed to hunt and kill them. The dotari salvation is an action-packed military science fiction adventure set in the best-selling Ember War universe.