Crown - And with the perspective only years can provide she also tells the compelling story of her marriage to a man who was to become a music legend, a cultural hero and a defining figure of the twentieth century. Cynthia has seldom talked in any detail about her marriage and the painful events that followed John’s tragic assassination in 1980

There is so much that i have never said, so many incidents I have never spoken of and so many feelings I have never expressed: great love on one hand; pain, torment and humiliation on the other. Their ten-year relationship coincided with the start of the Beatles phenomenon—from Liverpool’s dockside clubs to the dizzying worldwide fame that followed.

John - Now she candidly reveals the good and the bad, the loving and the cruel sides of John. In john, cynthia recalls those times with the loving honesty of an insider, offering new and fascinating insights into the life of John Lennon and the early days of the Beatles. And cynthia lennon, john’s first wife, was an integral part of the swirl of events that are now an indelible part of the history of rock and roll.

Only i know what really happened between us, why we stayed together, why we parted and the price I have paid for being John’s wife. I want to tell the real story of the real John—the infuriating, funny, lovable, sometimes cruel, talented and needy man who made such an impact on the world. From the Introduction.

She tells of the breakdown of their marriage and the beginning of his relationship with Yoko Ono in more detail than has ever been disclosed before and documents the difficulties estrangement from John—and his subsequent death—brought for herself and their son, Julian.

Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me

Crown Archetype - Was that from you?” I said. It was the most passionate letter anyone had ever written me. For the first time pattie boyd, a woman who inspired harrison’s song “something” and clapton’s anthem “Layla, former wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton, ” has decided to write a book that is rich and raw, a high-profile model whose face epitomized the swinging London scene of the 1960s, funny and heartbreaking—and totally honest and open and breathtaking.

Here is the truth, here is what happened, here is the story you’ve been waiting for. She describes the dynamics of the group, and especially the years with her husband, Cynthia and John, the tensions, Ringo and Maureen, the musicmaking, and the weird and wonderful memories she has of Paul and Linda, the friendships, George.

Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me - Ten days later a smitten George Harrison proposed. Did you get my letter?”. I thought no more about it until that evening when the phone rang. For twenty-year-old pattie boyd, jeff beck, ron wood, it was the beginning of an unimaginably rich and complex life as she was welcomed into the Beatles inner circle—a circle that included Mick Jagger, and a veritable who’s who of rock musicians.

And then the penny dropped.

Paul McCartney: The Life

Little, Brown and Company - The definitive paul McCartney biography, written with his approval by bestselling biographer Philip Norman. Since the age of twenty-one, paul McCartney has lived one of the ultimate rock-n-roll lives played out on the most public of stages. Packed with new information and critical insights, PAUL MCCARTNEY will be the definitive biography of a musical legend.

Now, paul's story is told by rock music's foremost biographer, with McCartney's consent and access to family members and close friends who have never spoken on the record before. Readers will learn about his marriage to Linda, including their much-criticized musical collaboration, and a moving account of her death.

Paul McCartney: The Life - Paul mccartney reveals the complex character behind the façade and sheds new light on his childhood--blighted by his mother's death but redeemed by the father who introduced him to music. This is the first definitive account of paul's often troubled partnership with John Lennon, his personal trauma after the Beatles' breakup, and his subsequent struggle to get back to the top with Wings--which nearly got him murdered in Africa and brought him nine days in a Tokyo jail.

Little Brown and Company.

Being John Lennon: A Restless Life

Pegasus Books - But above everything, he had attitude―his impudent style somehow personifying the aspirations of his generation to question authority. He could, and would, say the unsayable. 16 pages of b&w photographs Little Brown and Company. The john lennon depicted in these pages is a much more kaleidoscopic figure, sometimes almost a collision of different characters.

He was, of course, funny, often very funny. Though there were more glamorous rock stars in rock history, even within the Beatles, and then defined, it was John Lennon’s attitude which caught, his era in the most memorable way. An intimate yet unsparing biography of one of the greatest and most mythologized musicians of the twentieth century.

Being John Lennon: A Restless Life - What was it like to be john lennon? what was it like to be the castoff child, the clown at school, and the middle-class suburban boy who pretended to be a working-class hero? How did it feel to have one of the most recognizable singing voices in the world, but to dislike it so much he always wanted to disguise it?Being John Lennon is not about the whitewashed Prince of Peace of Imagine legend―because that was only a small part of him.

Ringo: With a Little Help

Backbeat - Ringo: with A Little Help. Little Brown and Company. Taking the stage name ringo starr, his big break with the Beatles rocketed him to the pinnacle of worldwide acclaim in a remarkably short time. Ringo: with a little help is the first in-depth biography of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr, who kept the beat for an entire generation and who remains a rock icon over fifty years since the Beatles took the world by storm.

With a little help traces the entire arc of ringo's remarkable life and career, from his sickly childhood to his life as The World's Most Famous drummer to his triumphs, addictions, and emotional battles following the breakup of the Beatles as he comes to terms with his legacy. Born in 1940 as richard starkey in the dingle, and little schooling – to emerge, against all odds, long hospital stays, he rose from a hardscrabble childhood – marked by serious illnesses, rough-and-tumble neighborhoods, one of Liverpool's most gritty, as a locally renowned drummer.

Ringo: With a Little Help - He was the last member of the beatles to join the group but also the most vulnerable, ultimately, a jet-setting life of excess and alcohol abuse, and his post-Beatles career was marked by chart-topping successes, and, his rebirth as one of rock's revered elder statesman.

John Lennon: The Life

Ecco - Little Brown and Company. Drawing on previously untapped sources, and with unprecedented access to all the major characters, Norman presents the comprehensive and most revealing portrait of John Lennon ever published. This masterly biography takes a fresh and penetrating look at every aspect of Lennon's much-chronicled life, posthumously, including the songs that have turned him, into a near-secular saint.

In three years of research, primal scream therapy, norman has turned up an extraordinary amount of new information about even the best-known episodes of Lennon folklore—his upbringing by his strict Aunt Mimi; his allegedly wasted school and student days; the evolution of his peerless creative partnership with Paul McCartney; his Beatle-busting love affair with a Japanese performance artist; his forays into painting and literature; his experiments with Transcendental Meditation, and drugs.

The book's numerous key informants and interviewees include sir paul McCartney, Sean Lennon—whose moving reminiscence reveals his father as never seen before—and Yoko Ono, Sir George Martin, who speaks with sometimes shocking candor about the inner workings of her marriage to John. A haunting, mammoth, terrific piece of work.

New york times honest and unflinching, hilariously funny but also naive, as John himself would wish, Norman gives us the whole man in all his endless contradictions—tough and cynical, vulnerable and insecure—and reveals how the mother who gave him away as a toddler haunted his mind and his music for the rest of his days.

John Lennon: The Life - For more than a quarter century, biographer Philip Norman's internationally bestselling Shout! has been unchallenged as the definitive biography of the Beatles. The life and times of ex-Beatle John Lennon. Now, at last, norman turns his formidable talent to the Beatle for whom being a Beatle was never enough.

The Beatles: The Biography

Little, Brown and Company - Ringo: with A Little Help. Spitz restores the beatles to what they were: a loud, kids that became gods, angry rock and roll band, not gods who happened to look like kids. The life and times of ex-Beatle John Lennon. Little Brown and Company. This is a biography of the band in full, not merely the story of John and Paul and their two mates from Liverpool.

The Beatles Anthology

Chronicle Books CB 542 A - This, indeed, is the inside story, providing a wealth of previously unpublished material in both word and image. The life and times of ex-Beatle John Lennon. Together with yoko ono lennon, they have also made available the full transcripts including all the outtakes of the television and video series The Beatles Anthology.

Ringo: with A Little Help. This extraordinary project has been made possible because Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr have agreed to tell their combined story especially for this book. Created with their full cooperation, in effect, The Beatles Anthology is, The Beatles' autobiography. And included in the vast array of photographs are materials from both Apple and EMI, who also opened their archives for this project.

The Beatles Anthology - Pepper album to their last photo session together at John's house, The Beatles Anthology is a once-in-a-lifetime collection of The Beatles' own memories. What a book the beatles Anthology is! Each page is brimming with personal stories and rare vintage images. Then, the phenomenon of their rise to fame, weaving back and forth, they tell the astonishing story of life as The Beatles: the first rough gigs, the musical and social change of their heyday, all the way through to their breakup.

Multi. Hardcover. From the time ringo tried to take this drum kit home on the bus to their much anticipated audience with Elvis, from the making of the Sgt.

Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me

Three Rivers Press - Little Brown and Company. The life and times of ex-Beatle John Lennon. The woman who inspired harrison’s song “something” and Clapton’s anthem “Layla, ” Pattie Boyd has written a book that is rich and raw, funny and heartbreaking–and totally honest. Ringo: with A Little Help. Three rivers Press CA.

Hardcover. Instant #1 new york times bestsellerfor the first time, rock music’s most famous muse tells her incredible storyPattie Boyd, finally breaks a forty-year silence and tells the story of how she found herself bound to two of the most addictive, former wife of both George Harrison and Eric Clapton, promiscuous musical geniuses of the twentieth century and became the most legendary muse in the history of rock and roll.

A Twist of Lennon

Avon Books - It's all here, form the early days in German clubs, through the Ed Sullivan Show. Little Brown and Company. Multi. Ringo: with A Little Help. The life and times of ex-Beatle John Lennon. Cynthia married john while he was still in art college, and shared the frenzy and stardom the Beatles created. Three rivers Press CA.

A hard day;s night, sergeant pepper's, The Maharishi - Cynthia Lennon lived the Beatle experience. Hardcover.

I Am Brian Wilson: A Memoir

Da Capo Press - Ringo: with A Little Help. Now, for the first time, he weighs in on the sources of his creative inspiration and on his struggles, the exhilarating highs and the debilitating lows. I am brian wilson reveals as never before the man who fought his way back to stability and creative relevance, and who finally completed Smile, who became a mesmerizing live artist, who forced himself to reckon with his own complex legacy, the legendary unfinished Beach Boys record that had become synonymous with both his genius and its destabilization.

. They say there are no second acts in American lives, and third acts are almost unheard of. With intricate harmonies, songs like "in my room, symphonic structures, and wide-eyed lyrics that explored life's most transcendent joys and deepest sorrows, " "God Only Knows, " and "Good Vibrations" forever expanded the possibilities of pop songwriting.

I Am Brian Wilson: A Memoir - Derailed in the 1970s by mental illness, and the shifting fortunes of the band, drug use, Wilson came back again and again over the next few decades, surviving and-finally-thriving. Da capo. Three rivers Press CA. The life and times of ex-Beatle John Lennon. Today brian wilson is older, calmer, and filled with perspective and forgiveness.

Multi. Hardcover.