Kastar CNP-40 Battery 1-Pack for Kodak LB-060 AZ521 AZ361 AZ501 AZ522 AZ362 AZ526, HP D3500 SKL-60 V5060H V5061U Cameras and SUN06 YCO6 Full HD Portable Camcorders

Kastar BA-1B-CNP40-G - High quality, Long Lasting and Manufacture Price. The battery 100% decoded and 100% Compatible with the Original Cameras and Chargers. High capacity. Package includes: 1 x cnp-40 battery Note: Batteries shoud be charged with the Kastar charger to obtain a full charge. Compatible the following models: kodak lb-060 az521 az361 az501 az522 az362 az526 hp camera d3500 hp camera SKL-60 HP V5060H HP V5061U Kastar brand replacement lithium-ion Li-ion Battery.

Use high quality Japanese Cells for longer battery life with no Memory Effect. Use integrated Japanese microchip which can prevent the overcharge and overdischarge. The battery include 30-day money Back and 3-YEAR Manufacturer Warranty.

Kastar C40S Battery Charger for HP Camera D3500 SKL-60, Kodak LB-060 PixPro AZ251 AZ361 AZ362 AZ365 AZ421 AZ501 AZ521 AZ522 AZ525 AZ526, Casio NP-40 Exilim EX-Z50 EX-Z500 EX-Z55 EX-Z57 EX-Z600 EX-Z650

Kastar CH-0B-CNP40-3 - Auto switching power Voltage from 100V-240V. Type: ac/dc li-ion Battery Charger. Input - ac 100 - 240v, 50 - 60Hz. Brand new battery charger for hp camera d3500 skl-60 / kodak pixpro az361 lb-060 battery features: auto switching power Voltage from 100V-240V Compact, light weight charger Input - AC 100 - 240v, 50 - 60Hz Output DC4.

2v quantity: 1 pcs battery charger & 1 pcs us plug power Cord and 1 pcs EU Plug Type: AC/DC Li-ion Battery Charger Color: Black. Output dC8. 4v.