L.A. Requiem An Elvis Cole Novel Book 8

Ballantine Books - But what starts as a little procedural hand-holding turns into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse. His ex-lover, is dead, Karen Garcia, brutally murdered with a gun shot to the head. Now karen's powerful father calls on pike a former cop and his partner, everyone has secrets, Elvis Cole, to keep an eye on the LAPD as they search for his daughter's killer--because in the luminous City of Angels, and even the mighty blue have something to hide.

. And L. A. Requiem“one of the best crime novels I've ever read. Just might be singing their dirge. Praise for L. A. A powerful portrait of Los Angeles in our time: swift, colorful, gripping, a real knockout. Dean koontzthe day starts like any other in L. A. For a dark web of conspiracy threatens to destroy Pike and Cole's twelve-year friendship—if not their lives.

L.A. Requiem An Elvis Cole Novel Book 8 - The sun burns hot as the Santa Ana winds blow ash from mountain fires to coat the glittering city. Terrific entertainment. Crais keeps his plot pounding along.

Indigo Slam: An Elvis Cole Novel

Hachette Books - Hired by three kids to find their missing father, Elvis now must pick up the cold pieces of a drama that began that night. What he finds is a sordid tale of high crimes and illicit drugs. As clues to a man's secret life emerge from the shadows, Elvis knows he's not just up against ruthless mobsters and some very angry Feds.

Available for the first time as an ebook!Life in the California sun suits Elvis Cole--until the day a fifteen-year-old girl and her two younger siblings walk into his office. He's facing a storm of desperation and conspiracy--bearing down on three children whose only crime was their survival. Then everything changes.

Indigo Slam: An Elvis Cole Novel - Three years ago, a Seattle family ran for their lives in a hail of bullets.

The Last Detective: A Novel An Elvis Cole Novel Book 9

Ballantine Books - Elvis cole's relationship with attorney Lucy Chenier is strained. Now, crais returns to his signature character, Los Angeles private investigator Elvis Cole, in a masterful page-turner that probes the meaning of family and the burdens of the past. With his acclaimed bestsellers, robert Crais drew raves for his unstoppable pacing, edgy characterizations, Hostage and Demolition Angel, and cinematic prose.

When she moved from louisiana to join Elvis in Los Angeles, she never dreamed that violence would so easily touch her life—but then the unthinkable happens. Elvis Cole is back. While lucy is away on business and her ten-year-old son, is staying with Elvis, Ben, Ben disappears without a trace. The last detective is Robert Crais' richest, most intense tale of suspense yet.

Amid the maelstrom of personal conflicts, elvis and Joe are forced to consider a more troubling lead—one indicating that Ben's disappearance is connected to a terrible, long-held secret from Elvis Cole's past. Joining forces with his enigmatic partner, joe pike, elvis frantically searches for Ben with the help of LAPD Detective Carol Starkey, as Lucy's wealthy, oil-industry ex-husband attempts to wrest control of the investigation.

The Last Detective: A Novel An Elvis Cole Novel Book 9 - . Desperate to believe that the boy has run away, evidence soon mounts to suggest a much darker scenario. Venturing deep inside a complex psyche, his rock-solid partnership with Pike, Crais explores Elvis's need for family—the military that embraced him during a troubled adolescence, and his floundering relationship with Lucy—as they race the clock in their search for Ben.

Sunset Express: An Elvis Cole Novel

Hachette Books - The sixth book in the elvis cole series, Sunset Express is marked by Robert Crais's dark humor and edge-of-your-seat suspense. Elvis cole to find proof that Detective Angela Rossi tampered with the evidence. When a wealthy entrepreneur is accused of murder in Los Angeles, wisecracking private eye Elvis Cole is hired to prove that the evidence was corrupted and becomes suspicious about the defense attorney's motivations.

Prominent restaurateur Teddy Martin is facing charges in his wife's brutal murder. As cole and his partner joe pike work their way through a tangle of witnesses and an even greater tangle of media, they begin to suspect that it's not the police who are behind the setup. But cole needs to know if she's desperate enough to falsify the case against Martin in order to secure her own position.

Sunset Express: An Elvis Cole Novel - So his hotshot attorney hires P. I. Detective rossi needs a way back to the fast track after falling hard during an internal investigation five years ago. But he's not going down without spending a bundle of cash on his defense.

Voodoo River An Elvis Cole Novel Book 5

Hachette Books - But when he gets to louisiana and begins his search, he finds that there's something much darker going on. Private eye elvis cole is hired by popular television star Jodie Taylor to delve into her past and identify the biological parents who gave her up for adoption thirty-six years before. Other people are also looking for Taylor's parents, and some are ending up dead.

And when cole realizes that his employer knew more than she was telling, Voodoo River becomes a twisting tale of identity, secrets, and murder. Cole's assignment is to find out their biological history and report back. It seems all too clear cut. L. A.

The Forgotten Man: An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel An Elvis Cole Novel Book 10

Ballantine Books - As a man, he faces the frightening possibility that this murder victim was himself a killer. And he can’t tell if it’s forgiveness or a bullet that’s coming next. Anyone who enjoys a well-written, fast-paced, noirish thriller with a great aha! moment shouldn’t miss The Forgotten Man. The boston globe in an alleyway in los Angeles, clutching faded newspaper clippings and gasping his last words to a cop, an old man, lies dying of a gunshot wound.

Elvis cole’s long-lost father—a stranger who has always haunted his son. Robert crais is a crime writer of incredible talent—his novels are not only suspenseful and deeply atmospheric but very hard to put down. Dan brown, author of the Da Vinci Code “A brutal but exhilarating climax. Usa today. The victim claims to be P.

The Forgotten Man: An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel An Elvis Cole Novel Book 10 - I. Then it consumes him. As a teenager, Cole searched desperately for his father. Now a stranger’s terrifying secrets—and a hunt for his killer—give Cole a frightening glimpse into his own past. A riveting novel with a vivid sense of place.

Free Fall: An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel An Elvis Cole Novel Book 4

Crimeline - Private eye to come along in years. Joseph wambaugh “elvis lives, and he's on his way to being crowned the king of detectives. Booklist. Elvis cole provides more fun for the reader than any L. A. And before the case is through, every copy in the LAPD will be gunning for a pair of escaped armed-and-dangerous killers—Elvis Cole and Joe Pike.

And jennifer sheridan qualifies: her fiancé, mark thurman, is a decorated LA cop with an elite plainclothes unit, but Jennifer's sure he's in trouble—the kind of serious trouble that only Elvis Cole can help him out of. Five minutes after his new client leaves his office, are hip-deep in a deadly situation as they plummet into a world of South Central gangs, corrupt cops, Elvis and his partner, the enigmatic Joe Pike, and conspiracies of silence.

Free Fall: An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel An Elvis Cole Novel Book 4 - A thoughtful and powerful page turner. Peopleelvis cole is just a detective who can't say no, especially to a girl in a terrible fix.

Chasing Darkness: An Elvis Cole Novel

Simon & Schuster - Chasing darkness is a blistering thriller from the bestselling author who sets the standard for intense, powerful crime writing. Three years earlier lionel Byrd was brought to trial for the murder of a female prostitute named Yvonne Bennett. It was cole’s eleventh-hour discovery of an exculpatory videotape that allowed Lionel Byrd to walk free.

But the discovery of the death album in Byrd’s lap now brands Elvis as an unwitting accomplice to murder. A taped confession coerced by the police inspired a prominent defense attorney to take Byrd’s case, and Elvis Cole was hired to investigate. When police and fire department personnel rush door to door in a frenzied evacuation effort, they discover the week-old corpse of an apparent suicide.

Elvis was hailed as a hero. Cole’s fight to clear his name brings murder and corruption terrifyingly close to home. It’s fire season, and the hills of Los Angeles are burning. Private investigator elvis cole learns that LA fires bring more than heat, they bring his old friend Joe Pike and the past. But the gunshot victim is less gruesome than what they find in his lap: a photo album of seven brutally murdered young women—one per year, for seven years.

Chasing Darkness: An Elvis Cole Novel - And when the suicide victim is identified as a former suspect in one of the murders, the news turns Elvis Cole’s world upside down. So elvis can’t help but wonder—did he, elvis cole, elvis cole and joe pike desperately fight to uncover the truth about Lionel Byrd and his nightmare album of death—a truth hidden by lies, cost two more young women their lives? Shut out of the investigation by a special LAPD task force determined to close the case, politics, and corruption in a world where nothing is what it seems to be.

The Watchman: A Joe Pike Novel

Simon & Schuster - At last, the enigmatic partner of Elvis Cole The Two Minute Rule takes center stage in this pulse-racing thriller. And when the us marshals and the finest security money can buy can’t protect her, Larkin’s wealthy family turns to the one man money can't buy―Joe Pike. He’s an ex-cop, ex-mercenary who owes a bad man a favor, ex-Marine, and that favor is to keep the uncontrollable Larkin alive.

Pike commits to protecting the girl, but it becomes clear someone in their circle is selling them out. Taking matters into his own hands, Joe drops off the gird with Larkin and follows his own survival rules: strike fast, hit hard, hunt down the hunters. Young and staggeringly rich, she speeds through the city during its loneliest hours, blowing through red after red in her Aston Martin as if running for her life.

The Watchman: A Joe Pike Novel - For maybe the first time in her life, Larkin wants to do the right thing. But in doing so she becomes the target for a relentless team of killers. Then suddenly she sees another car’s metal-on-metal explosion of a terrible accident and, dazed, finds herself the single witness in a secret federal investigation.

With the help of private investigator Elvis Cole, Pike uncovers a web of lies and betrayals, and the stunning revelation that even the cops are not who they seem. Pike lives a world away from the palaces of Beverly Hills. When joe pike is charged with safeguarding a wealthy heiress, he discovers protecting the sole witness to a crime is nothing compared to protecting an LA party girl from her own self-destruction…Larkin Conner Barkley lives like the City of Angels is hers for the taking.

Lullaby Town: An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel An Elvis Cole Novel Book 3

Crimeline - He is perhaps the best detective to come along since Travis McGee. San diego tribune “crais is far better at the private-eye-novel racket than most writers. Newsweek. She has some unwanted—and very nasty—mob connections, which means Elvis could be opening an East Coast branch of his P. I. For when cole finds nelsen’s ex-wife in a small Connecticut town, she’s nothing like he expects.

. A keen ear. The new york times book review hollywood’s newest wunderkind is Peter Alan Nelsen, the brilliant, erratic director known as the King of Adventure. His films make billions, but his manners make enemies. Elvis cole is the greatest. What the boy king wants, he gets, and what nelsen wants is for Elvis to comb the country for the wife and infant child the film-school flunkout dumped en route to becoming the third-biggest filmmaker in America.

Lullaby Town: An Elvis Cole and Joe Pike Novel An Elvis Cole Novel Book 3 - Office. At the bottom of the Hudson River. Quick, cutting wit.

Stalking the Angel An Elvis Cole Novel Book 2

Crimeline - The blonde who walked into Cole’s office was the bestlooking woman he’d seen in weeks. The only thing that kept her from rating a perfect “10” was the briefcase on one arm and the uptight hotel magnate on the other. Bradley warren had lost something very valuable—something that belonged to someone else: a rare thirteenth-century Japanese manuscript called the Hagakure.

Together their search begins in L. A. S little tokyo and the nest of notorious Japanese mafia, sexual obsession, the yakuza, and leads to a white-knuckled adventure filled with madness, murder, and a stunning double-whammy ending. Praise for stalking the angel “Stalking the Angel is a righteous California book: intelligent, hard, perceptive, clean.

Stalking the Angel An Elvis Cole Novel Book 2 - James ellroy “out on the west coast, where private eyes thrive like avocado trees, Robert Crais has created an interesting and amusing hero in Elvis Cole. The wall street journal “devotees of the rock ‘em, sock ‘em school should find Stalking the Angel tasty. The san diego Union. Meet elvis Cole, L.

A. Private eye.