Primitive War

- As they hunt through the primordial depths of the valley, they discover ancient horrors that not only threaten to unravel their minds, but to end their lives as well. A search and rescue team known as Vulture Squad is sent to an isolated jungle valley to uncover the fate of a missing Green Beret platoon.

There is graphic violence, adult language, drug use, and many references to war-borne tragedy. When the casualties mount, the men of Vulture Squad must abandon their human nature and give in to their savage instincts in order to survive. The primitive War. Disclaimer - this novel is set in the Vietnam War, and as such, it isn't suitable for children.


- The mexican civil war has been grinding on for so long that the American public has lost all taste for it. One of the first things the guerrillas did at the start of the war was attack Pangaea, the famed animal park in remote northeast Mexico, a symbol of rampant capitalism. Then it becomes obvious the helicopter didn’t crash, it was purposefully knocked out of the sky by an electromagnetic pulse—and the guerrillas are after one of their party.

The disparate group begins a cross-country scramble trying to evade not just gunmen but the prolific and savage offspring of the artificially-created animals once filling Pangaea. When the helicopter crashes in the sierra Madre Oriental mountains the combat-seasoned contractors, led by Irishman Seamus O’Malley, aren’t too worried…at first.

Bestiarii - Has resorted to using private contractors—mercenaries—on a huge scale to prop up the failing Mexican army. The U. S. Officially all the creatures inside were killed. They hitch a ride down from texas on one of the contractors’ helicopters, which along the way picks up Tina Echevarria, a beautiful and feisty Mexican graduate student with a huge secret.

The truth is far different. For his estranged son michael’s high school graduation present, hotel mogul Roger Rudd splurges on a secret and expensive hunting trip in Mexico, hoping it will bring them closer.

Future Remains

Apt22Books - Finding the boy will mean more than seeing a world ruled by dinosaurs – it could also be her chance to set right one of the greatest wrongs a mother could ever know. Fans of michael crichton's fast-paced techno-thrillers won't want to miss Future Remains. A small team of paleontologists has just laid eyes upon an impossible discovery.

Now, at the behest of a mysterious stranger and his robotic companion, the team is being drawn into a desperate quest: to rescue a child trapped in the most dangerous environment the earth has ever seen. For former paleontologist Tess Creegan, the stakes couldn't be higher.

Pangaea: Exiles

Severed Press - And that's just his fellow prisoners. The dinosaurs are almost as bad. Tried and convicted for his crimes, sean barrow is sent into temporal exile—banished to a time so far before recorded history that there is no chance that he, or any other criminal sent back, has any chance of altering history. Now sean must find a way to survive more than 200 million years in the past, in a world populated by monstrous creatures that would rend him limb from limb if they got the chance.

A Man Out Of Time

Severed Press - Unfortunately, the population within the United States is no longer sustainable. Plague, famine, and fear grip the United States as war rages across the globe. In an effort to stabilize the economy, the government enacts the Cryonics Act. One hundred years in suspended animation, all debt forgiven, and a chance at a less crowded future are too good to pass up for John and his young daughter.

A single father with a secret of his own, will do anything to give his daughter a better life, but the sacrifice may be greater than anything he could have ever imagined. Five years after the chinese axis detonated an unknown weapon of mass destruction off the southern coast of the United States, Special Ops Sergeant John Crider and the members of Shadow Company have finally captured what they all hope will lead to the end of the war.

A Man Out Of Time - . Except not everything always goes as planned as Sergeant John Crider finds himself pitted against a land of prehistoric monsters genetically resurrected from the fossil record, murderous inhabitants, and a future he never wanted.

Primordia: In Search of the Lost World

Severed Press - In the remotest corners of venezuela, along winding river trails known only to lost tribes, and through near impenetrable jungle, Ben and his novice team find a forbidden place more terrifying and dangerous than anything they could ever have imagined. As ben digs some more he finds clues to the whereabouts of a lost notebook that might contain a map to a place that is home to creatures that would rewrite everything known about history, biology and evolution.

But other parties now know about the notebook, and will do anything to obtain it. Amazingly, these letters lead ben to believe that his ancestor’s expedition was the basis for Doyle’s fantastical tale of a lost world inhabited by long extinct creatures. For ben and his friends, it becomes a race against time and against ruthless rivals.

Primordia: In Search of the Lost World - Ben cartwright, home to mourn the loss of his father stumbles upon cryptic letters from the past between the author, former soldier, Arthur Conan Doyle and his great, great grandfather who vanished while exploring the Amazon jungle in 1908.

Primordia 3: The Lost World—Re-Evolution

Severed Press - They had to go back and find Andy and stop him before mankind vanished from the face of the Earth. In the thrilling 3rd installment of the blockbusting primordiA series, Greig Beck explores a frightening world where evolution has gone wild, while also taking us further into the prehistoric Cretaceous jungle and oceans, to a time in which mankind was never meant to exist.

Every day brought new threats in the form of creatures that should have long been extinct, or newly evolved monstrosities that were from mankind’s worst nightmares. The comet, primordia, was returning and time was up. No one seemed to notice except Ben Cartwright and the other survivors of the hidden plateau in the depths of the Amazon Jungle.

Primordia 3: The Lost World—Re-Evolution - A small change 100 million years ago can change everything. No one really noticed when things started to change. Only they were aware of the growing threat to the human race. While andy martin lived out his dreams by venturing north to witness the birth of the American continent and navigate a prehistoric inland sea of the Late Cretaceous, whatever he was doing was rippling forward to change our world.

Then some things appeared that were monstrous. Some animals vanished. Some new ones appeared.

Jurassic Earth The Jurassic Earth Saga Book 1

LLP London - Unbeknownst to every teenager across the globe, they have been entered into an incredible competition. Yamamoto industries has made an astonishing discovery, one that will change the future of humanity. In this world, everything is lethal. The winners have been chosen, five remarkable young adults, all of whom have achieved amazing accomplishments.

They must now fight to survive against overwhelming odds, in a terrifying alien world. After decades of preparation and construction, Yamamoto Industries are ready to unveil their discovery to the world. Carnivore or herbivore, there are animals that will eat you whole, crush you for invading their territory, drag you into the ocean or whisk you away from above.

Jurassic Earth The Jurassic Earth Saga Book 1 - But, the jurassic five are left stranded in a hostile world, after a freak accident, where death has already begun hunting them with ruthless efficiency. The tour guides have a saying to encourage visitors to obey the rules, “You can have the best time of your life or the last time of your life. Yamamoto industries have made every effort to create excursions and experiences free from danger, in which tourists can enjoy the spectacles from a safe distance.

This world is no game. The jurassic five will be the first tourists to voyage back to Jurassic Earth. Our star has finally given up her most closely guarded secret, a secret that will enable travellers to voyage back in time, to a land where dinosaurs rule the Earth.

Primordia 2: Return to the Lost World

Severed Press - It was true – it was all true – and we were never meant to be there. In december 2018, ben cartwright, former special Forces soldier, and a team of naive explorers, followed the clues left by his ancestor to a hidden plateau in the middle of the Amazon jungle. But when the doorway to the hidden world closed, Ben was trapped on the wrong side.

Now, emma has waited 10 long years for the doorway to open again. This time she’d be ready. This time she had everything she needed to go back to that hellish place and survive. It was said that once every 10 years, a secret pathway was revealed to a world long since gone. They went, and what they found was a place of wonders and of horrors.

Primordia 2: Return to the Lost World - All she needed was for Ben to be alive when she got there. Primordia ii explores a prehistoric world and travels over mountains, strange jungles, through swamps, and dives below a primordial ocean, in the stunning sequel to the blockbusting PRIMORDIA. A cocktail of prehistoric cool. Grim reader Reviews. Only ben and his childhood love, Emma, survived.

The Flipside The Flipside Sagas Book 1

Severed Press - What cash and the others don't know is all that waits for them is horror and nightmares– a destroyed base, packs of ravenous carnivores, pterosaurs bent on plucking every human from the ground to be eaten far above, and so much more. Can cash and his team stop what is happening?Or will they end up stuck Flipside forever in a perpetual, prehistoric nightmare?

The year is 2046 and dinosaurs are real. Time bubbles across the world, many as large as one hundred square miles, turn like clockwork, revealing prehistoric landscapes from the Cretaceous Period. They reveal the Flipside. Now, the clockwork is breaking down as one of the world's powers has decided to exploit the phenomenon for their own gain, thirty years after the first Turn, possibly destroying everything then and now in the process.

The Flipside The Flipside Sagas Book 1 - Former head of security for topside command Trevon Cash must navigate his way through the chaos of the broken turns and take a team Flipside to try to figure out what is happening.

Sarcophagus: Their mistake wasn’t finding it, it was bringing it back!

- The mummy, meets relic, meets Alien in this scary action driven horror thriller. Action adventure horror set in the Amazon jungle, abaord a cargo vessel on the high seas and London, England. Concealed in a remote area of the Amazon jungle is something the Mayans thought so dangerous they built a secret prison to entomb it.

In a secret chamber they discover something hidden away for centuries; a sarcophagus. Realizing its potential as a centerpiece for his exhibition, Greyson transports the sarcophagus and other artifacts back to England. The past is about to come alive. Includes horror Island sample"Hammott is fast becoming the master of monster horror.

Sarcophagus: Their mistake wasn’t finding it, it was bringing it back! - Add atmospheric locations, racked up tension, a thrilling plot that forbids you to stop reading, characters you root for, and you have Sarcophagus. New revised edition uploaded 10-4-2018. Fantastic escapism. Fast paced and exciting without being slowed down by pretentious prose. It remained undiscovered for centuries.

When a maverick archaeologist hears rumours of a mysterious lost city, he heads into the Amazon jungle, determined to find it. He soon learns that some things are best left unfound. The dangerous past the Mayans tried so hard to bury, is about to become our terrifying future.