Sad Wind from the Sea

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - But there’s only one mark Hagen—and he’s not about to give up easily.  .  . Unfortunately, he’s not the only one looking for the gold. Originally published in 1963 under the name harry patterson, sad wind from the Sea is a searing debut set in the dangerous criminal underworld of the Pacific Rim, a gripping read that showcases the talents of a young writer whom Tom Clancy would one day hail as “the master.

”  . Mark hagen is a far cry from the man he once was as a naval officer in World War II. Broken down and drunk, he’s been reduced to living outside the law, gunrunning and smuggling with his dilapidated boat. She’s alone, she needs help—and she claims to know the whereabouts of a quarter-million dollars in gold, lying in a scuttled craft at the bottom of a lagoon in the blighted marshlands of southern China.

Sad Wind from the Sea #ad - And the Russians. Then he rescues a woman from attackers in Macao. With this one quick score, Hagen could change his luck for good. A gunrunner’s hunt for a fortune leads to a life-and-death struggle in Communist China in New York Times–bestselling author Jack Higgins’s very first novel. And so many others.

There’s the Chinese.


Cry of the Hunter The Martin Fallon Novels Book 1

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - Fallon reluctantly agrees, and soon finds himself swept back into the Troubles. In one of his earliest works, jack higgins puts on display the absolute mastery of the thriller genre that would earn him a place among the most respected novelists of the twentieth century. After years of hiding from the world in his books and the bottle, he thinks he’s out.

And now fallon must bring his own legend to life in order to bring them down. Gone are those who wanted freedom, replaced by those like Rogan—bloodthirsty psychopaths who want nothing but power. After joining the ira he shot up the ranks in the fight against the Brits in Northern Ireland with his tactical brilliance and devotion.

Cry of the Hunter The Martin Fallon Novels Book 1 #ad - He’s wrong. But in his absence, the IRA has changed. And that’s the way he wants it to stay. Martin Fallon is a legend. Cry of the hunter is the 1st book in the Martin Fallon Novels, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order. From the new york times–bestselling author of The Eagle Has Landed: A hero of the IRA must turn on his own people to save his country.

Then, after a daring escape from prison, he simply disappeared. The ira wants him to break Patrick Rogan, a high-ranking Ulster rebel, out of prison.


Wrath of the Lion

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - Pierre, it seems their mission is being confounded by someone who knows their next move before they even think of it. And time is running short. With the worldwide success of the eagle has landed, Jack Higgins established himself as a true master of the modern thriller—and after decades in the game, his novels continue to electrify countless fans around the world.

Former sas soldier neil mallory is sent by British Intelligence to join with a French agent based in the Channel Islands. They have been wreaking havoc in the Channel’s shipping lanes—including the cold-blooded murder of a prosecutor who put several of the group’s comrades in prison.  . But even on the sparsely populated isle of St.

Wrath of the Lion #ad - The french submarine l’alouette has come under the control of the OAS—an ultranationalist group dedicated to maintaining France’s dominion in Algeria. In the waters off the French coast, a predator is on the loose. The hunt is on for a submarine prowling the English Channel in this undersea thriller from the New York Times–bestselling author of Rain on the Dead.

Because the madmen aboard the L’Alouette are changing their course away from mere piracy and chaos toward something far worse.


The Thousand Faces of Night

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - But trouble finds marlowe anyway when his employer comes under pressure from a local big shot who doesn’t appreciate competition of any kind—and is willing to burn out whoever stands against him. But his former friends want it too. After spending five long years in prison thanks to partners who left him in the lurch with some stolen loot, he’s getting out—and he’s going to get his money.

Hugh marlowe is a man with a plan. A man out for himself is pulled into a fight for something more in this thriller by the New York Times–bestselling author of the Sean Dillon novels.  . The thousand faces of night is one of his early tales of suspense, The Midnight Bell, and a sign of the outstanding talent that continues today with Rain on the Dead, and countless other bestsellers.

The Thousand Faces of Night #ad - Desperate to keep his head down, but unable to stay out of a fight to help those who have become his new family, Marlowe is going to have to take on all comers—both old and new—if he ever hopes to be truly free. And that means Marlowe must go on the run. And working for a local farm collective is the perfect job to hide his true identity.

Before the eagle has landed took flight, loyalty and love, Jack Higgins was spinning tales of violence and betrayal, and battles big and small in his ascent to becoming the preeminent architect of the modern thriller. The small village of Litton seems like the perfect spot to lay low.


Comes the Dark Stranger The Martin Shane Novels Book 1

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - Eight years earlier, Shane and five other soldiers were captured in Korea. Martin shane is looking for someone to kill.  . The only thing he knows is that someone has to pay. Before shane could uncover the traitor, explosive shrapnel shredded his brain—and his memories. Then, after years in a mental institution, a fateful slip awakens Shane’s mind.

Yet. He’s not sure what happened to him; it feels like the war happened only yesterday. Tortured by a sadistic Chinese colonel, they vowed to stay strong. He just doesn’t know who.  .  . The new york times–bestselling author of The Midnight Bell delivers a searing novel of psychological suspense in which the past and present collide.

Comes the Dark Stranger The Martin Shane Novels Book 1 #ad - In this compelling and intense novel, author Jack Higgins delves into the darkness of one man’s shattered mind and flexes his prodigious talents far beyond his legendary action thrillers and into the realm of psychological drama and suspense. But one of them broke, revealing all he knew in exchange for his own life.

Now, returning to the town where they all enlisted together, Shane is going to do whatever it takes to discover the truth and exact his revenge—even if it destroys everything he thinks he knows about the war, his brothers-in-arms .  .  .


Hell Is Too Crowded

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - Matthew brady was just out for a good time. His drunken dream soon becomes a waking nightmare when he comes to with the mysterious woman dead on the floor, the police ready to pin a murder on him, and absolutely no memory of what happened. From the international bestselling author of The Eagle Has Landed and the Sean Dillon series, this twisting mystery will keep you racing to the last page.

An engineer is caught in a lethal trap after he follows a beautiful woman home in this thriller from the New York Times–bestselling author of The Midnight Bell. But to do so he will have to descend into the twisted London underworld, death is a final payment, where money isn’t the only currency, and the man behind the set-up is waiting with a bullet just for him.

Hell Is Too Crowded #ad - So when a beautiful young woman drifts out of the fog and asks him to accompany her to her apartment, it seems like a dream come true for the happily muddled American. After a long dry spell working in the deserts of Kuwait, the young engineer was ready to let loose in merry old London.  . Running for his life, Brady knows his only chance for freedom is to clear his name.


The Iron Tiger

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - He’s precious cargo. Accompanied by a nurse and an elderly priest, he sets out to make one last delivery. And there are men on his trail who want him badly enough to kill. A pilot’s struggle for survival against both nature and man from the international bestselling author of The Eagle Has Landed and The Midnight Bell.

What drummond doesn’t know is that the boy is no simple mercy case. He must help deliver a sick child over land to the Indian border. Unfortunately, a short stop in the tiny Himalayan country of Balpur ends with his plane in flames and Drummond out of luck—until he’s approached with a very strange offer.

The Iron Tiger #ad - This thrilling novel from the new york times–bestselling author of the Sean Dillon series showcases his natural talent for breakneck pacing, electrifying plot twists, and a story that will keep you guessing until the last bullet is fired. Jack drummond has always flown by his own radar. After getting drummed out of the British Navy, he’s made a rough-and-tumble living flying wherever the money takes him.

Now, as war rages around them with their enemies relentlessly on the hunt, only Drummond and his motley band can save an innocent child’s life.  . It’s not his typical job, but it’s all he’s got. But after one last weapons drop to Tibetan guerillas fighting the Communist Chinese, he’s ready to hang up his wings.


The Violent Enemy

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - The author of the eagle has landed and the sean dillon novels, adventure, Jack Higgins has electrified millions of readers around the world with his gripping thrillers that showcase what action, and international intrigue are meant to be. The job is simple: Hijack a load of paper money marked for destruction and bring it home.

When the troubles in Ireland were ending, his were just beginning.  .  . But he doesn’t get a pardon—he gets a daring breakout when his old IRA commander, Colum O’More, arranges for his escape. Because Rogan is needed on the outside. A thriller from the new York Times–bestselling author of The Midnight Bell.

The Violent Enemy #ad - When the job goes sideways, he learns that loyalty and duty have been replaced by greed and betrayal—and that his friends are no longer very friendly.  . Sean rogan is waiting for freedom. But the ira he knew is no more, and the boys he’s working with aren’t so much patriots as they are treacherous thugs.

Convicted of staging jailbreaks for his former compatriots, he’s just biding his time until his pardon comes through as the fighting finally begins to cease. The organization is waning, and a large cash boost is needed to get it back in fighting form.


The Last Place God Made

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - The huna, who have no love for encroaching “civilization, ” are not to be trifled with. Only then did life get really interesting. The ensuing hunt will pit them against the Huna, the dangers of the Amazon, and even each other in a bloody fight for survival more brutal and unrelenting than either could have imagined—even in their nightmares.

Then, after a bad crash, his life was saved by Capt. Flying to and from the darkest corners of the savage jungle, the motley pair thinks they’ve seen everything.  .  . But as luck would have it, Mallory and Hannah soon find themselves drawn into the search for two missing nuns the natives have taken. Until they discover a field covered with the bodies of dead missionaries riddled with the arrows of the dreaded Huna tribe.

The Last Place God Made #ad - Neil mallory thought life was interesting as a bush pilot, flying mail and supplies around the Amazon rain forest. An action-packed adventure set in the unforgiving and uncharted Amazon from the New York Times–bestselling author of The Midnight Bell.  . Sam hannah, who all but hijacked him as a junior partner in what could barely be called a business.

Before the eagle has landed catapulted him to international fame, Jack Higgins was already writing incredible tales of suspense and action set around the globe—including this thrilling, old-school adventure that will grab readers from the first page and not let them go without a fight.


Passage by Night

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - And he’s going to have to decide how far he’s willing to go for payback—and how much of the world he’s willing to risk. His idyll is destroyed in one terrible instant when Maria’s plane is blown out of the sky, and Harry’s descent into misery changes into a burning desire for revenge. A quest for vengeance leads a man into the deadly underworld of the Cold War in this thriller from the New York Times–bestselling author of The Midnight Bell.

 . Before fidel castro and his revolution, Harry Manning had a prime ocean salvage operation in Batista’s Cuba. The next step? Survive. Before the eagle has landed became a blockbuster new york times bestseller and turned him into a global phenomenon, adventure, Jack Higgins honed his skills with no-holds-barred thrillers such as this, one of his earliest works featuring his trademark combination of gunplay, and men of action.

Passage by Night #ad - His first step: Find the man who put a suitcase bomb onboard the plane. Harry’s personal vendetta has put him in the middle of a silent war between the superpowers in which there are no prisoners and no mercy. Now, maria, and how long his beautiful lady, with not much to worry about except where his next drink is coming from, he’s just scraping by as a charter captain in the Bahamas, is going put up with his careless ways.


The Dark Side of the Island

Open Road Media Mystery & Thriller #ad - But he is far from welcome. Now, he’s returned. Aided by the local resistance, he succeeded—but was also captured and spent the rest of the war imprisoned.  . A former wwii intelligence agent searches for redemption in this thriller by the New York Times–bestselling author of The Midnight Bell. The local authorities make it clear that he should leave and never come back.

Because although he thought he had helped save Kyros, Lomax soon learns that his former comrades believe he turned traitor in captivity—a betrayal that cost many lives. When he reunites with someone he thought an old friend, the man threatens to kill him. Written before his novel the eagle has landed took the world by storm, action, Jack Higgins’s adventure of war and treachery showcases his absolute mastery of combining plot, and vividly drawn characters into the perfect thriller.

The Dark Side of the Island #ad - But this secret enemy is still watching his every move, waiting to silence him forever.  .  . Unwilling to live with the betrayal, Lomax must delve into the violent past and dig into the unfamiliar present to find the man who stained his name with the blood of his friends. It’s been nearly twenty years since Hugh Lomax set foot on the Greek island of Kyros.

During world war ii, british Intelligence sent him there on a mission to take out a high-tech German radar station.