The Dark Citadel: The Complete Series

Balsalom Publishing - After darik is sold into slavery upon the collapse of his family’s fortunes, he vows to escape to freedom in the barbarian lands over the western mountains. The two men are spies, a wizard and a paladin from the Free Kingdoms on the other side of the mountain. Whelan and mark are in the city to observe the sorcerer;s advance, dragons, and are alarmed at his growing strength, as he brings giants, and undead warriors into his ranks to brutally sack and enslave the khalifates of the plains.

. And they know that if he isn’t stopped before he reaches the mountains, he will carry his war all the way to the heart of the Free Kingdoms. Now in a complete omnibus for the first time, wizards, the Dark Citadel is a five book series of dragons, and griffins by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michael Wallace.

The Dark Citadel: The Complete Series - The city is under threat from a sorcerer and his armies, and Darik plans to use the chaos to escape. When a pair of scoundrels—the elderly, seemingly buffoonish Markal, and a tall barbarian named Whelan—offer to help him flee the city, Darik has no idea that he’s about to be swept into a larger game.

Immortality and Chaos: The Complete 5-Book Epic Fantasy Series: Wreckers Gate, Landsend Plateau, Guardians Watch, Hunger's Reach, Oblivion's Grasp

- On top of it all, there is another, larger danger, an enemy that even the gods cannot face. Will wulf rome be able to navigate the treacherous paths to survival,  Chaos and Immortality, or will life itself be devoured?Grab your copy and start this unique adventure today! And be sure to check out the sequel series, as well as the upcoming Dragon Queen of Chaos.

. If you like game of thrones or Lord of the Rings,  you will love this novel. We said it literary ReviewsThe prison cracks. The axe gives him the power to topple the king and take the crown, but removing it cracks a prison built eons ago by the gods to contain Melekath and his Children. Now melekath's chief lieutenants, are free, the dread Guardians, spreading death and chaos across the land.

Immortality and Chaos: The Complete 5-Book Epic Fantasy Series: Wreckers Gate, Landsend Plateau, Guardians Watch, Hunger's Reach, Oblivion's Grasp - But when he rebels against the king's mad plan for another senseless war, he is exiled to the frontier and sent on a suicide mission into the depths of a merciless desert. But wulf rome is a hard man to kill. Claiming to be a god, he says he is humanity's only hope. But the weapons he offers are dangerous and uncontrollable and Wulf Rome soon begins to suspect his motives.

As events escalate, wulf Rome comes to see that the war is far more complex than it appears. What emerges is something no one expected.

The Red Sword: The Complete Trilogy

Balsalom Publishing - The order’s walled gardens have the power to restore their dead master to life, but only if the apprentices can protect his body long enough for their sanctuary to work its magic. When a barbarian warrior named bronwyn invades the gardens wielding a soul-binding sword and accuses the order of harboring a powerful sorcerer, Markal thinks she is another assassin come to finish the job.

Now in a complete trilogy for the first time, paladins, The Red Sword is thirteen hundred pages of wizards, dragons, and griffins by Wall Street Journal bestselling author Michael Wallace. Markal, an apprentice wizard, is thrust unexpectedly to the head of his order when his master is decapitated by a gray-skinned assassin.

The Red Sword: The Complete Trilogy - . But bronwyn is a paladin, and her presence is a harbinger of a greater threat than Markal had imagined, a holy warrior from across the mountains, a necromancer with the power to command the dead. Together, they must join forces before the necromancer destroys Markal’s order and overruns Bronwyn’s homeland.

The Complete Rhenwars Saga: An Epic Fantasy Pentalogy

Stoneguard Publications - Darien will be forced to sacrifice everything of himself and everyone around him—all to preserve a nation of people who despise him. The rhenwars saga is a sprawling epic set in a morally gray world where there is no clear distinction between hero and villain. Download this special edition box Set to experience epic battles, flawed heroes, and a brutal struggle where the triumph of good over evil is never guaranteed.

If you enjoy the dark, sprawling world of Steven Erikson, the awe-inspiring magic of The Wheel of Time, and the compelling antiheroes of C. S. 1 bestseller myths & legends#1 Bestseller Military FantasyThere Is No Mercy for the Merciless. The well of tears was created to harness the power of the Netherworld to prevent a magical apocalypse.

The Complete Rhenwars Saga: An Epic Fantasy Pentalogy - Now darien lauchlin is the last surviving mage capable of reversing the destruction the Well unleashed. Friedman, then you’ll love The Rhenwars Saga. Includes all five books of the rhenwars saga!irda award for fantasysemifinalist in Mark Lawrence’s SPFBOFinalist in BookNest’s Fantasy Awards★★★★★ “One of the best fantasy stories I've read this decade.

Booknest★★★★★ “betrayal, lies and destruction follow across every page. Grimdark magazine★★★★★ “Shines in its damaged characters. Fantasy faction★★★★★ “some of the deepest and most polarizing characters I have read to date.

The Keeper Chronicles: The Complete Epic Fantasy Trilogy

- Can they survive being hunted by dragons, david eddings, and betrayed by traitors their midst?Or will Mallon's minions overwhelm them and plunge the land into darkness? #1 Bestseller in Classic Fantasy eBooks#1 Bestseller in Teen & Young Adult Mythical Creatures eBooksFans of Patrick Rothfuss, attacked by frost goblins, and Terry Brooks will love this engaging trilogy.

Dive into this enchanting epic fantasy series called "heart-pounding, emotional, and very satisfying". Grab your copy of the keeper chronicles and begin this epic fantasy trilogy today!The complete trilogy of The Keepers Chronicles includes:A Threat of ShadowsPursuit of ShadowsSiege of Shadows. A mage, a dwarf, and an elf walk into a tavern…The Keeper Chronicles are everything I want in epic fantasy.

The Keeper Chronicles: The Complete Epic Fantasy Trilogy - When mallon the undying threatened the land years ago, the elves stopped him—and then disappeared. Now mallon's followers seek to bring him back to finish what he started. Only the keepers—storytellers, historians, and magic-wielders—are left to stand against them. Alaric, who betrayed everything he believed to save his wife — and still failed.

Will, a storyteller who’s convinced his weak magic makes him useless. And sini, a former slave girl with unimaginable power but no way to wield it.

Forgotten Fortress: The Complete Swordmaster Trilogy

- But to reach them, he must somehow pass through the very army set to destroy his homeland. He finds it threatened by an army. Worse, the kingdom’s soldiers are fighting a battle on another front. The fortress will soon fall. There are no reinforcements. The road to safety is long, and the hope of success is short.

Talon, ruthlessly pursued by the warrior band, returns to the land of his birth. Talon is beset by enemies at every step, including a creature of dark power that stalks him. This is a remastered and expanded edition. The mountain fortress that guards the narrow pass into the realm is undermanned. When it does, the enemy will ravage an entire kingdom.

Forgotten Fortress: The Complete Swordmaster Trilogy - Nor is the invading army led by a man, but by a sorcerer ready to risk anything for victory. A girl of striking courage helps him, and he falls in love with her. Yet, in the darkest hour of his life, he finds an unexpected ally. Talon risks his life to bring word to allies who might help. Ten warriors hunt a lone man.

He flees … and plunges headlong into an epic quest of even greater danger.

Ascension: The Complete Trilogy

- To stay alive, she'll have to defeat an immortal emperor possessed by the voice of God, rout armies empowered by terrifying sorcery, and outwit conniving deities vying for the future of the world. This collection includes all three novels of the Ascension trilogy. After stumbling upon an ancient rune in a dark cave, Corina Vyliss is awarded with immense power.

And a death sentence. And there hasn't been one of those in the world for centuries. Until now. Those might be tall tasks for anyone, but Corina is a Possessor.

The Wings of War Boxset: Books 1 - 4

- Wed to his blades, raz's only friends are the Moon and Her Stars and the shadows they bring with the night. But raz was not born to the mercenary's way, to the butchery and battle of day-by-day survival. Raz, like a sword, was hammered from steel and fire and ashy smoke, forged on the ruins of an old life.

And raz knows who he owes this new path to, this carved way of blood and iron. Towering tall even amongst the atherian, he is the only of his kind to live free in the "civilized" confines of mankind's varied cultures. Bundle includes:child of the DaystarThe Warring SonWinter's KingAs Iron Falls. 1 bestseller in sword & sorcery#1 bestseller in dark fantasy#1 Bestseller in Action & AdventureAmong the scattered fringe cities bordering the Cienbal desert, the true name of the Monster of Karth is spoken only in whispers.

The Wings of War Boxset: Books 1 - 4 - . Raz i'Syul Arro. A sellsword of the utmost caliber, Raz is a killer of paramount skill and highest regard. He has no need of loyalties, his sole affections pledged to the gold crowns that buy his time and skills. The monster of karth, after all, would never forget who gave him that name. And some debts can't be paid in gold.

Heritage of Power The Complete Series: Books 1-5: An epic dragon fantasy boxed set

- It includes: 1. Joined by a snarky sentient sword, learn the secrets of his heritage, and the smart scholarly woman he longs to impress, Trip must master his powers, a band of equally snarky allies, and go on a quest to save mankind. Only one man has the power to stop them. Born an outcast who’s never fit in, telryn “trip” Yert has spent his entire life hiding a secret that could get him killed:In a world where magic is forbidden, the ancient blood of dragons flows through his veins.

Revelations3. Unraveled5. Gold Dragon. Origins4. If he fails, dragons may take over the world and enslave all of humanity. This is the complete five-novel Heritage of Power series, full of adventure, romance, and fast-paced page turning fun. Dragon Storm2. Dragons have returned to the world, and they’re wreaking havoc on human civilizations.

The Rogue Elf of Urlas: Songs of Shadow Half-Elf Chronicles Boxset Book 1

- But there is something greater hidden within Kealin's journey and that truth might destroy him and everyone he cares about. This omnibus is the complete songs of Shadow trilogy, the first great arc of a dark but epic story, and a trilogy that has earned hundreds of fives star reviews on the individual books.

This bundle contains:half-bloods rising half-elf chronicles book iseer of lost Sands Half-Elf Chronicles Book IIShadow of the Orc Star Half-Elf Chronicles Book III​Get it now at new release pricing!Embrace the adventures readers have compared to R. A. Salvatore's drizzt do'urden and the Forgotten Realms world! This epic fantasy trilogy by J.

The Rogue Elf of Urlas: Songs of Shadow Half-Elf Chronicles Boxset Book 1 - T. Drizzt do'urden meet kealin, dragons, i spent all day reading! "★★★★★ "exciting adventure! amazing start to what promises to be another thrilling series! Magic, narwhals, the Rogue Elf of Urlas!"★★★★★ "Just can't get enough! Really struck on this series, gods, and elves! "★★★★★ "This has to be the best series that I have read since the Shannara Chronicles​!"Darkness descends upon the elven realm and the only thing Kealin cares about is saving his family.

. But is he powerful enough to save them all?With his father gone to war.

The Mage Chronicles Box Set Books 1-4

- Can she overcome her disability and make duke pay?the mage chronicles box Set includes:Wyvern Awakening Mage Chronicles #1Wyvern's Secret Mage Chronicles #2 Wyvern's Passion Mage Chronicles Book 3 Wyvern's Destiny Mage Chronicles Book 4. That is until he appears to her in a nightmare. The powerful duke jorgen not only rules the city of Rivenna where she lives, he is also responsible for her parents’ death and for the disability she’s had to bear most of her life.

But everything in Astri’s world comes with a price. A wyvern dragon shifter. Revenge, lies and a deadly magical challenge. When her parents were murdered eleven years ago, leaving her physically scarred during the event, dragon shifter Astri never learned the identity of their killer. When the chance arises for her to compete to become Duke’s assistant, she realises this is her opportunity for revenge.