Truth or Dare A Whispering Springs Novel Book 2

Berkley - The new york times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz is at the top of her game with Truth or Dare.

Light In Shadow A Whispering Springs Novel Book 1

Berkley - But zoe knows that some things can't be covered up with a coat of paint. Ethan truax to find the truth. Working together, they solve the mystery. Zoe luce is a successful interior designer in the Arizona town of Whispering Springs who's developed an unusual career specialty-helping recently divorced clients redesign their homes, to help them forget the past and start anew.

Now, no matter how much she resists, Ethan may be her only hope-because the people she's been running from have found her. She never wanted to fall in love with him. And when she senses that one of her clients may be hiding a dark secret, she enlists P. I. And just when zoe dares to dream of a normal life and a future with the man she loves, her own past starts to shadow her every step-and threatens to take her back into a nightmare.

Light In Shadow A Whispering Springs Novel Book 1 - And barely escape with their lives. But ethan's exquisite detection skills are starting to backfire on Zoe: she never wanted to let him find out about her former life; she never wanted to reveal her powerful, inexplicable gift for sensing the history hidden within a house's walls; she never wanted him to know that "Zoe Luce" doesn't really exist.

Lost and Found

Berkley - The author of smoke in mirrors and soft focus presents a sexy, irresistible story of two people searching for secrets—and finding each other…Cady Briggs is useful to Mack Easton. But cady knows that being useful to a client is one thing—and being used is another. And instead of tracking down missing masterpieces together, they’ll be hunting for a killer….

Suddenly the roles are reversed, as strange developments at Chatelaine’s lead Cady to ask for help from none other than Mack Easton. Her expertise in art and antiques helps his low-profile company, Lost and Found, find missing treasures for high-paying clients. So no matter how alluring she finds Mack, she plans to keep business and pleasure entirely separate.

Lost and Found - But then a sudden tragedy puts Cady in charge of Chatelaine’s, her family’s prestigious art and antiques gallery.

Falling Awake

Berkley - A red-hot, suspenseful novel about a free-spirited dream researcher-and the gorgeous man who brings her dreams to life.

Summer in Eclipse Bay

Berkley - And then there’s nick’s young son, Carson, who has his own agenda where Octavia is concerned. The past and the present are on a collision course. But it isn’t going to be easy. One big obstacle is Mitchell Madison. As far as nick is concerned, a short-term affair sounds perfect. I hope you’ll join me to watch the fireworks.

Happy reading. He doesn’t want his father messing up his plans. Summer in eclipse Bay is going to be eventful this year. He’s made it clear that if Nick fools around with her, there will be a price to pay. It seems that the mysterious new gallery owner, Octavia Brightwell, is thinking about having a scandalous fling with that rogue Nick Harte before she leaves town.

Summer in Eclipse Bay - Some long-buried secrets from the infamous Harte-Madison feud are about to surface. A special message from jayne ann krentzDear Reader:Summer has arrived in Eclipse Bay and things are definitely heating up between the Hartes and the Madisons. For reasons of his own, Mitchell has taken it upon himself to play guardian to Octavia.

. Jayne Ann Krentz.

Dawn in Eclipse Bay

Berkley - But when she finds gabe at her door demanding she fulfill their business contract, the sparks between them suddenly turn personal. If she hadn’t already decided to close her business and move home to Eclipse Bay, Gabe would have been the final straw. From new york times bestselling author jayne ann Krentz comes the second novel in a dramatic trilogy set in breathtaking Eclipse Bay, a town filled with rivalries as fierce and compelling as the rugged Oregon coast.

. Nothing was ever simple between a Madison and a Harte. And after five disastrous dates, Lilian is at her wit’s end. Once again, eclipse bay will witness a showdown—between a relentless Madison and an irresistible Harte. Now, only months after their siblings’ wedding, Lilian Harte and Gabe Madison are at each other’s throats.

Dawn in Eclipse Bay - Successful ceo gabe had insisted on becoming a client of Lilian’s matchmaking service. The feud that had divided their families still simmered.

Eclipse Bay

Berkley - But hannah harte, a successful wedding consultant with a skeptical view of marriage, remembers the long-ago night on the beach that revealed Rafe as much more than just "that disreputable Madison boy. And rafe remembers the heroic gesture that proved Hannah's fierce spirit was stronger than any feud and saved him from near-certain imprisonment.

Now reunited by a surprising inheritance after years of living their separate lives Rafe and Hannah return to Eclipse Bay, and bind, and the hostilities that still divide, their families. Eclipse bay by jayne ann krentz, this small town is also filled with secrets as treacherous as the landscape and rivalries as fierce as an ocean storm.

Eclipse Bay - Their grandfathers hated each other. Their fathers hated each other. And as the next generation of the Hartes and Madisons, Hannah and Rafe are expected to hate each other too. Not at all. First time in print. It's no wonder that AKrentz's? novels consistently hit bestseller lists. Publishers weeklyeclipse bay has grown and flourished on the rugged Oregon coast, where the shore can be rocky and forbidding, full of sharp cliffs and hidden coves.

Soft Focus

Berkley - Putting a stop to their budding romance is easy. One of today's premier storytellers, she has more than twenty-three million copies of her novels in print. For these business adversaries turned reluctant partners, keeping an eye on each other--and the lid on a sizzling attraction--seems the only insurance against further treachery.

But with millions at stake, trust can turn to betrayal in the blink of an eye. But the situation becomes even more strained when a new obstacle emerges: a lethal act of sabotage that could put both of them out of business for good. Putting her emotions aside, she insists on helping him search for the scientist who's disappeared with a valuable new crystal that could revolutionize the high-tech industry.

Soft Focus - With her hallmark blend of sparkling style and wit, intricate suspense, and steamy passion, Jayne Ann Krentz is truly one of a kind. Despite all her efforts, she has no luck disentangling herself from Jack's client company, Excalibur. She'll go in, solve the problem--and get out. If she can help jack save Excalibur, she'll recoup her substantial investment plus millions in profit.

Life starts to imitate art, and double-dealing seems to be the name of the game. She knows how to maximize her investments and cut her losses--in both her career and her personal life. So when she discovers that Jack Fairfax has deceived her, she's determined to end their relationship.

All Night Long

Berkley - He is also driven by passions of his own, and as they’re drawn together into the heart of danger, they will risk far more than either of them expected. From new york times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz comes an electrifying novel of passion, murder, and small-town scandal. Staying at a local lodge, she finds herself confiding in handsome Luke Danner—an ex-marine who’s as used to barking orders as Irene is to ignoring them.

. But luke sees the terror beneath her confident exterior—and can’t help but want to protect her. Now, seventeen years later, irene has received a shocking new lead about their deaths—and is determined to discover the truth of what happened on that long-ago night. Investigative reporter irene stenson hasn’t been to her hometown of Dunsely, California, since the gruesome night she found both her parents dead on the kitchen floor.

Smoke in Mirrors

Berkley - She’ll hand over the money—if he helps her figure out what’s going on. A con artist and seductress, Meredith Spooner lived fast—and died young. But her final scam—embezzling more than a million dollars from a college endowment fund—is coming back to haunt Leonora Hutton. Meredith had described Thomas as “a man you can trust.

But in a funhouse-mirror world of illusion and distortion, Leonora may be out of her league…. The tainted money is stashed away in an offshore account for Leonora. And while she wants nothing to do with the cash, she discovers two other items in the safe-deposit box: a book about Mirror House—the place where Meredith engineered her final deception and a set of newspaper stories about an unsolved murder that occurred there thirty years ago.

Smoke in Mirrors - Now leonora has an offer for Thomas Walker, another victim of Meredith’s scams and seductions.

The Vanishing Fogg Lake Book 1

Berkley - Determined not to become research subjects of strange experiments, the residents of Fogg Lake blamed their “hallucinations” on food poisoning, and the story worked. And then, scientists from a mysterious government agency arrived. When they woke up they discovered that things had changed—they had changed.

Others heard ominous voices. When olivia suddenly vanishes one night, Cat frantically begins the search for her friend. Some started having visions. From new york times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz comes a gripping new romantic suspense trilogy fraught with danger and enigma. Decades ago in the small town of Fogg Lake, The Incident occurred: an explosion in the cave system that released unknown gases.

But now it has become apparent that the eerie effects of The Incident are showing up in the descendants of Fogg Lake. Catalina lark and olivia leclair, best friends and co-owners of an investigation firm in Seattle, use what they call their “other sight” to help solve cases. The residents slept for two days.

The Vanishing Fogg Lake Book 1 - . And someone intends to make both women vanish. No one takes the disappearance seriously except Slater Arganbright, an agent from a shadowy organization known only as the Foundation, who shows up at her firm with a cryptic warning. A ruthless killer is hunting the only witnesses to a murder that occurred in the Fogg Lake caves fifteen years ago—Catalina and Olivia.